The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Cyclades, Islands of Greece

Current Location: Kleftiko Bay, Milos, Greece
Current Position: 36 39.1 N 024 20.22 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 128 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

We are now rounding off Cap Malea, on the way to Milos. Cap Malea is notorious for very gusty winds ( maybe that’s why they have all these religious monuments along the Cap.)



DSCN2137-640Here we are rounding off Cap Malea with Captain busy watching the very busy sea traffic  with the many ships to and from Athens. But winds are good.


Our first anchorage in Milos was in this nice cove in the south end of the island, near some Caves we wanted to visit and we saw from afar upon arriving the night before.

We got up, had breakfast and a nice leisure morning. We motored around the corner to Kleftiko beach. We were surprised to see how busy it was already with some yatchs and many local turist boats.






DSCN2186-640Noel and I had so much fun kyaking around in and out of caves through narrow passages and arches. Wow it was better than we expected, or any picture we had seen. It was just like an amazing water park. Swimming,  Kyak , snorkling, although it was not much to see, it was still fun  especially in the narrow passages.




DSCN2197-640                       The Caves in Kleftiko beach were once the hide out for the Pirates


DSCN2227-640 We really loved it here! After all the activities there we were hungry. We sat down and enjoyed a  nice nicoise salad chez Life part2.


The rest of the afternoon consisted of burning up the calories….we had the wind against us to get to the other side of the island , not far, small island but the wind was up and it took a lot of tacks and a lot of winching. It’s good for practicing!!!


This is Milos as you come up and around the south west corner. The Hora, old Plaka in the hill top



We are now anchoring in the island of Milos, in the capital town of Adhamos and I look around as my anchor sets in the beautiful sandy bottom and I noticed the waving from the next boat. Ahhhh, the Canadian flag right next to us. That was a nice surprise! Catamaran from Vancouver Island.  We met Larraine and Rodney.  Noel and I are so sure we have seen that boat somewhere. They told us they bought their catamaran about the same time at the same place we did in the Caribbean, and sailed there the first year. They also crossed the Atlantic the same year as us.We are so sure we saw them sailing around in the Caribbean in their Sierra Hotel, Lagoon . Small world!

The next day the four of us took a short bus trip up to the old Plaka up in the hill.


The next day the four of us took a short bus trip up to the old Plaka. Looking down to where we had sailed the day before.



Again…the beautiful narrow streets vendors and Tavernas. Such a cute town and so picturesque.




DSCN2333-640 You can see our boat is on the left side somewhere. The bay in Adhamas.



DSCN2288-640  After a nice day in the town we had dinner in a nice Taverna along the waterfront. While waiting for the food we watched the fool moon coming into full view from the mountains ahead. Another beautiful day in Paradise.


And the next day is back to work!

DSCN2105-640The day of the “crazy winds” we had some damage to our jib. Not an easy task. We had to take it down and shove it into the cockpit in a hurry before the next wind gust that comes and may take the sail away and us with it!!!   But a seamstress with a view, I can handle that!!!

The Peleponese and more so the Cyclades islands are very barren. Rocky and dry. The villages are very cute but we have noticed that after you visit a couple of them, they all look the same. White houses with blue windows and shutters, and the roofs of Churches blue or red.  Some more charming than others, or maybe more touristic and busy and some very peaceful and barely any traffic. We just enjoy every experience.

Like for example: a few days ago we moored in this nice peaceful bay with a small beach and only a couple Tavernas ashore. The water there is very deep, so one of the Tavernas put out a couple of mooring balls, and in return you must have at least 1 meal there.

We go ashore and are immediately greeted at the pier by this cute lady. All she could say was eat fish, fresh. She took us inside. It was not ” a la carte, it was ” a la kitchen” as she pointed the food out including the catch of the day from her husband the fisherman, and on top of the stove a spinach dish, beans and a Greek salad.

We chose 1 of serving of all the dishes and we picked Calamari for the fish. We enjoyed it all. It was great…we sat in the beach front, as it got a bit dark out she turned on the string of lights stranded in the trees along the beach and we enjoyed the rest of the wine listening to the waves and the crickets. No one around, only the waitress talking on her cell phone and it was all Greek to us



We set off on a little hike to the town of Fourni. Below is the view of the bay and the restaurant


200 stairs later, up the hill we arrived at this  beautiful windmill that has been turned into a bar . From there you have magnificent views.


It was all down hill from there…to the charming Village of Fourni, bellow





Next it will be the island of Mikonos. Did you know they even have a little Venice there? Stay tuned.



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