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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Yep, we are back in the land of snow. In fact, we arrived in Kelowna on Friday, and had an awesome powder day on Monday.And, of course, Ceu got to spend heaps of time with Tiago.

Ceu and Tiago enjoying some snow

Ceu and Tiago enjoying some snow

Unfortunately I had to catch up on some business stuff, so couldn’t hit the slopes that day, but the next day…

Sun and Powder in Revelstoke

Sun and Powder in Revelstoke

Up at 6:30 (no hardship with our jet lag waking us up at 5am anyway). Bundle our skis, boots, poles, coat, pants, goggles, neck scarves, gloves, helmets, beacons, probes, shovels and backpacks into the jeep, and off we set for Revelstoke.

Revelstoke, in case you don’t know, has the highest skiable vertical in all North America. Almost 6,000 ft from top to bottom, and all covered with well over 2m of fluffy snow. And, since the mountain is so vast, it doesn’t get instantly tracked out. The runs are long, the terrain is steep, the trees are nicely spaced. It is probably the best ski hill I have skied.

Which all adds up to a very tiring day!

Bear in mind that this was our first skiing since last season – and we headed straight for the black runs and the trees, of course. What? Drive 2 hours to ski some groomed blues??? On a powder day? Not a chance!

Fitting really, since the last day of the last season was also a wicked powder day at Revelstoke. That day we did well over ‘an Everest’ in vertical. I don’t think we managed that this time, but still we were dead by the end of the day.


A few days before that, after a great week with Ben visiting, we were hauling Life Part 2 out of the water for a yearly bottom paint. While she is out, we are also getting some other work done:

Life Part 2 Coming Up for a Bottom Job

Life Part 2 Coming Up for a Bottom Job

A new starboard cutlass bearing (necessary).

Interior cushions re-upholstered with SensaSuade (voluntary). Will be much more comfortable than the sticky vinyl we currently have.

A new comfortable sofa-style seat behind the helm (voluntary)

Hull polished and some gel coat repairs (mostly voluntary)

It is just like a house – there is always something to be fixed or upgraded! As I said before, you have to like DIY if you are going to live on a boat.

One Response to “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”

  • Heidi and Elmer:

    Two board upon cold powder snow, yo ho! I@m glad that you have not given up skiing. Congratulations to Ceu to be able to tackle these long black runs! I wish I could still do this. Luke is off to Wagrain, Austria next week for a school ski trip. Have not talked to Ben yet as he is catching up with Univesrity courses, but we hope to take him out for an Indian meal and hear his impressions of the boat tnt NY. On 26th Feb we are visiting Karen to see her house and to watch Karen and Phil in a play.

    Tiago looks like a big boy now. Is he talking?

    When are you planning to come to England? When is Ben’s graduation?

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