The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Leaving Lanzarote for Tenerife

27th Oct, 2016

The wind has been acting up the last few days. For three days we had big waves coming from the north, and strong winds coming from the south. So where does one go with those conditions? In a marina is the answer. So that is where we have been for the past three days, while (more...)

Highlights of Morocco

19th Oct, 2016 has been a busy 3 weeks.. Since we left Lisbon on the 25th of September, we have done 2 long crossings, visited Morroco and one of the Cannary islands. We enjoyed morroco very much. People were just so warm and friendly. Taking the local train was always a great experience with the locals. They (more...)

A 500 Mile Beat?!

14th Oct, 2016

A 500 Mile Beat!? Well, that was definitely not what signed up for. We left Rabat with a forecast that gave us favourable downwind sailing until the final day when it would be a close fetch for the final stretch. We have no means of getting a forecast en route, so we had to rely (more...)

Leaving for Canaries Tomorrow

9th Oct, 2016

After a whirlwind tour of Morocco, which we have really enjoyed, we are now ready to leave. We will put together the photos and blog in due course, but right now the forecast says go tomorrow – or wait another week. So, once again, it ends up with a bit of a rapid departure. We would have preferred to stay another day or two, but that’s how the wind goes. The trip will be about 470 miles, and should have some nice fast downwind stretches again. So we hope to arrive sometime on Thursday, assuming an average speed between 6 and 7 knots. We are aiming for Arrecife, on Lanzarote. Once we are there we will sort all that internet stuff again, and then will be back in touch. In the meantime, we will be off the grid for a few days. Have fun in the meantime!

180 Miles in 24 hours

28th Sep, 2016

Wow, what a sail! With about 20 kts (true) of wind behind us, we set off from Lisbon with an average speed of 7.7kts. Far faster than our original anticipation, including one 24 hour stretch in which we covered over 180 miles which, I think, is a personal best. For the first 50 miles we (more...)

On Our Way to Morocco

25th Sep, 2016

There is a gale about to blow easterly from the Gibraltar strait. That would make for an unpleasant crossing. And after that the winds are rather confused, for at least the coming week. So, we could sail down to the Algarve and wait for a week. Or we could go now. If we go now, we should be in Morocco before the blow sets in, and that gains us an extra week in Morocco. So that is what we are doing. Right at this moment we are exiting the Tejo River, and soon we will be flying downwind with an estimated journey time of 2 days and 11 hours to cover 315 miles or so.  Of course that is all a guess. But in any case we hope to be in Rabat, Morocco sometime on Tuesday, at which point we will try and connect up with email etc. So, until then, have fun!  

Ready to Take off – and a New Destination?

23rd Sep, 2016

We are now back in Seixal, Portugal, having had a month in Canada to welcome Allisen’s new baby boy, Behnam – grandson number 3! It was a good and busy time, as I also used the opportunity to do some more renovations on one of our rental properties. So now, after another quick visit to (more...)

Where to Anchor in Lisbon

18th Sep, 2016

Having spent a fair bit of time around Lisbon, I thought it would be useful to put up a summary of the area for other cruisers who want to visit. Anchoring in Cascais There are no useful anchorages near Lisboa itself. However, there is a good anchorage at Cascais, with protection from the prevailing N (more...)

Just Arrived in Lisbon

6th Jul, 2016

As forecast, the wind was light and from the south. This meant that we had to motor almmost the whole way from Cabo Sao Vincente, but that is better than having to beat into fresh northerlies, which is the normal Portuguese Trade Wind state of affairs. So, without much fanfare, and with a few large Atlantic Mackerel, but no Tuna, caught, we arrived at Cascais at about 16:00 hrs and anchored behind the seawall off the beach, alongside about 5 other yachts.

On our way to Lisbon

5th Jul, 2016

It looks like we have some calm favourable winds over today and tomorrow, so we have decided that we are going to set off for Lisbon right now.  If all goes to plan, we should be there around 3pm tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise it will be a matter of waiting for another weather window, as the normal winds at this time of year are from the North, which makes sailing North somewhat of a challenge.

27 Fish and 36 Kite Surfers.

29th Jun, 2016

On Sunday we moved out of the marina to anchor in Portmao harbour. The next day we were minding our own business when we spotted a whole bunch of seagulls diving just 30 m from us. A fish feeding frenzy. Birds diving, fish leaping, we just had to go and join the fun. So we (more...)

Our Uganda Safari – Lions, Hippos and Giraffes

22nd Jun, 2016

Here we are at the end of June, and we are only just back on board Life Part 2. So what on Earth have we been doing for the past 9 months? After Dad’s death in September cut short our plans to cross the Atlantic last year, we hurriedly put Life Part 2 into Portimao (more...)

Thanks for Your Messages

8th Oct, 2015

Thank you all for your kind comments and condolences on my Dad’s passing away. We had a funeral service for him in Ottawa, attended by my Mum’s relatives and many long-standing friends of both. The body was then cremated, and tonight we fly to the UK with the ashes. We will have another memorial celebration (more...)

BIG Change of Plans!

23rd Sep, 2015

Well, we launched the boat today and were getting all ready to sail to Madeira. But then I got a phone call that my Dad had died. He had been in hospital, but this was quite unexpected and sudden. I understand that yesterday he was laughing and joking, so if you have to go, this is the way to do it. He will be missed. Fortunately we were not already at sea. So we have decided to park the boat here in Portimao marina and fly to Canada on Saturday to join my Mum in Ottawa. After that plans are undecided, but there is a good chance that we will just leave the boat here for 6 months and return in April to resume sailing. It delays our Atlantic crossing by a year, but plans are made to be changed.

Setting Sail for Madeira

23rd Sep, 2015

All the work is done. This afternoon the big crane will put us back into the water. Then, on Friday (all things permitting) we will take off for Madeira. The crossing is 470 nautical miles. The winds will be behind us, expecting 10 to 20 kts, and we will also have half a knot of (more...)

Applying CopperCoat: What a Job!

15th Sep, 2015

Finally it is done. But what a job! The goal was to coat the bottom of Life Part 2 with CopperCoat. The reason? So we don’t have to keep finding boatyards to haulout the boat every couple of years. So what is it? CopperCoat is an epoxy resin that is loaded with pure copper powder. (more...)

What a Difference an Ocean Makes

27th Aug, 2015

For three months we caught nothing. That’s nothing with a big fat ZERO, despite trying every combination of lures and speed in all sorts of weather. We tried a bird teaser. We tried squid daisy chains. We had diving plugs and spoons. We had up to four lines out. And we caught nothing. Then we (more...)

Good Bye, Mediterranean Sea, Hello Atlantic Ocean

3rd Aug, 2015

It was four years ago that we sailed past Tarifa and Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean Sea. Today we sailed in the other direction, leaving La Linea at 10am to catch the tidal stream out into the Atlantic. Two days ago we were sweltering in Motril, with air and water temperatures both at about 31 (more...)

Beautiful Barcelona and stories to tell…

3rd Jul, 2015

I know…I know! We are back tracking a little bit here but we had so much fun in Barcelona and all through the coast of Spain that we have to share. Even though we did not feel so welcome on the first day arriving in Spain by an unfriendly Harbourmaster, things quickly improved, like they (more...)

Brief Update

3rd Jul, 2015

We are now in Barcelona, Spain, about to depart for Ibiza. We have been unable to beg, buy, borrow or steal a decent internet connection, so this is just a quick update to let you know where we are and why there are no photos! Will update you when we can 🙂

Au Revoir France, Viva España

2nd Jul, 2015

From St. Tropez it was time to head west and south, the goal being to get to Alicante, Spain by mid July. First stop was the island of Porquerolles. Just south of Hyeres, this island has no cars, so everything, including the pizzas, are delivered by bicycle. Pizzas delivered by bicycle!   After a lively (more...)

Internet Woes

22nd Jun, 2015

So far we have traveled through eight Mediterranean countries, and in every single one of them we have had problems with buying internet services. I don’t mind paying for the service. But when I do, I expect it to work. So why is it that every single time there is a problem? In Spain we (more...)

Parked with Illustrious Company

20th Jun, 2015

Last night we were anchored with illustrious neighbours. In fact, we were by far the smallest yacht in the anchorage, the others all being 80 ft (or bigger) motor yachts. Some of our big neighbours at St. Tropez Where were we? Just outside St. Tropez harbour, and all these boats are the ones that couldn’t (more...)

Two Great Weekends!

16th Jun, 2015

We made it to Sanremo in time to meet up with my old sailing buddy from university, Alastair McMichael. With him was his wife Judy, and their friends from England, Lance and Elie. On the Saturday we motored in a calm to Menton, thus entering France! Ah, the land of stinky cheeses! Love it! The (more...)

Le Grazie, La Spezia and Cinque Terre

5th Jun, 2015

May 28th – June 5th: Santa Marinella to Sanremo Once Josh had gone, it was a mad dash north to meet with Alastair in Sanremo. Still the winds were flat calm, so it was a case of motoring 30+ miles every day, though sometimes in the afternoon the sea breeze would kick in and let (more...)

How to Visit Rome by Yacht

28th May, 2015

The obvious thing to do is to find a marina as close as possible to Rome so that you can leave your boat there. It turns out that ‘obvious’ is not always ‘best’. In the area of Fiumicino, which is where the Leonardo da Vinci airport is, there are two waterways that flow east to (more...)

A Celebrity Came to Visit Life Part 2

24th May, 2015

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been! We have been rushing up the West coast of Italy. Normally we wouldn’t do that, but there are reasons… So, here is the potted version of all the places we have visited – and some of the silly weather we have been having (and we (more...)

Cariati To Salerno – A Quick Run Up The Tyrrhenian Coast

9th May, 2015

Wednesday, 29th April, 2015 After all the partying it was time to leave Cariati. The wind was perfect, so we had a fast downwind run to Crotone – even catching a nice big tuna on the way! Woohoo, sushi for lunch and tuna steaks for supper. Does it look like I wanted photos? I just (more...)

Goodbye Cariati – Il Migliore del Mondo

29th Apr, 2015

It started with an invitation to go to town for some real Italian Gelato (ice cream). Giovanni is a local (Cariati) doctor who had his boat Gaia hauled out on the hard just opposite us in Cariati. And he speaks good English. So we went to town and had some ice cream that was, officially, (more...)

What We Did All Winter

7th Apr, 2015

Today it snowed! Yes, when we arrived it was T-shirt weather. Then the clouds darkened and the rain arrived. But still we had a great visit to Alberobello, just south of Bari. There are two sections – the tourist part, and the quiet residential part. See if you can guess which photos are which. (more...)

Back in Italy!

5th Apr, 2015

We just arrived in Bari, Italy where it is T-shirt weather! We will be hiring a car for a few days while we meander our way across the sole of Italy to Life Part 2 which is waiting for us in Cariati Marina. Once there we will be attaching a new flex-o-fold folding propeller before putting her back in the water to commence our travels. We had a great time in Canada and England, (including a fantastic canal boat trip through the Llangollen Canal in North Wales) – plus of course getting married at the last minute – and want to thank everyone for putting up with us. But it is good to be back in Italy and we are looking forward to a good year of cruising. Perhaps you will come and join us for some of it? We will put up some photos soon…

Hauled Out and Batteries In – 4 Wheels on My Wagon!

20th Nov, 2014

Sorry about the long delay in getting this post up! Yes, we are actually now in Edmonton, Canada, and have been for almost 3 weeks. But you know how it is. Actually, how it is, is that each time we go back to Canada for the winter we seem to get sick. Usually a nasty (more...)

Caught a Fish – Sushi Tonight!

1st Oct, 2014

The first night at anchor in Brindisi was fine. But then the coast guard came and told us we couldn’t anchor AND we couldn’t windsurf AND we couldn’t come into a free berth at the town quay – despite the fact that there was an Austrian boat tied up there that had asked and been (more...)

Arrived in Brindisi, Italy – No Wheels on My Wagon

26th Sep, 2014

Well, we made it to Brindisi! As it turns out, we did have the motor -sail the whole way, for two reasons: The winds were very light, so it would have taken us forever to cross if we just sailed, and A couple of times we did turn off the engine, and straight away (more...)

On Our Way to Italy – One Wheel on my Wagon

24th Sep, 2014

Today is calm and sunny. Finally we have filled up with fuel, and are on our way. Forecast looks reasonable for the night, though we will have to negotiate some wind bends to get south to Brindisi. The wind is starting at SE but then as we approach Brindisi in the morning it will veer (more...)

Tried to Leave Montenegro

23rd Sep, 2014

Montenegro offers duty free diesel when you check out. That saves 50 cents per litre, which is a lot on 2-300 litres. But there are two catches: You have to book a time slot in advance, as the dock is also used to refuel big boats that can take up to 200,000 litres – (more...)

Montenegro – Land of Bombed Hotels

21st Sep, 2014

When I say bombed, I mean literally bombed. We have been in Montenegro for over 10 days so far. So what are our impressions? We love the countryside. The Kotor Bay is a huge fjord-like natural harbour with three butterfly wings joined together. It is quite dramatic and we have had some great hikes to (more...)

A 900m Farewell to Friends

26th Aug, 2014

Across from Korcula we could see a big mountain rising up above the small town of Orebic. If you click on the map link above, you can see where we are anchored and also the town and mountain just north of us. So we decided to do a hike. The view from Life Part 2 (more...)

Finally Made it to Vis

12th Aug, 2014

We tried twice when Mitzi and David (my sister and her husband) were here. In fact, we tried to go to Hvar and Vis, but each time we tried, the wind was either in the wrong direction, or non-existant. And, in any case, I think Mitzi, David and Emma had other ideas on how to (more...)

We Just Can’t Seem to Leave Solta

11th Aug, 2014

After Mitzi, David and Emma left us, we filled up with some water, and then motored to the West end of Solta with Bagheera. There we drank some more wine and played some more ‘Brandy Dog’ and ‘Mexican Train’. And today, despite the ongoing forecast of zero wind, we thought we would try for Vis. (more...)

Venice! We love you, we leave you

7th Aug, 2014

Wow…I am really behind on my Venice blog, but here it is. Find a comfortable seat!  Not much text, but there are about 75 photos, including islands of Burano and Murano. After this blog post you will want to visit Venice, OR…. maybe you won’t need to go there anymore because you have seen it (more...)

Life on Board Life Part 2

23rd Jul, 2014

Hello! I’m Heidi, Noel’s mum and, together with my husband, Elmer, we are spending a week as guests of Noel & Ceu on board their luxurious catamaran. Elmer’s marquetry picture features on their salon table. We are having a wonderful time. The boats is moored in the bay opposite the village of Seget Donji, close (more...)

Lost without my wind vane……

10th Jul, 2014

We woke up in the middle of the night with thunder storms.  We were about to leave our anchorage this morning and got another downpour. I collected so much rain water from our dinghy that is enough to do all my laundry now. (that is overdue) We left after lunch with a few clouds in (more...)

Just another week in the life part 2

28th Jun, 2014

The thing about having visitors on board is that you have to make some preparations for their arrival. This time, however, those preparations were a little unusual! My son, Ben, and his cousin, Mac were due to fly in to Pula on RyanAir on Tuesday afternoon. So we stationed ourselves in Pula, not far from (more...)

Up The Dalmation Coast

13th Jun, 2014

Ohhhh…the places we’ve been! We are picking up from  May 23th. After we left the National Park of Miljet we headed to Korcula. Very cute Medieval town with many narrow little streets and the waterfront lined with Restaurants and shops. We anchored in a nice bay just south of the town.   Korcula is also (more...)

What a night! …

13th Jun, 2014

The forecast was for calm winds. And when we set off from Rovinj at 10pm last night it was, indeed a flat calm. At least we tried to set off. Ceu was working on the various blog posts all evening. But then, as we tried to leave, our anchor chain got jammed and needed some (more...)

Made it to Pula!

2nd Jun, 2014

We set off this morning at 8:45am (wow – a lie in!) with the wind blowing 20-25kts from the north east. Since we wanted to go north west, that looked good to go. And good to go it was! With two reefs and a roll we were making 8kts eastward to round the tip of (more...)

Sailing at the Crack of Dawn

31st May, 2014

Since Ben has booked a flight to arrive in Pula on Tuesday, we figured it was time to get ourselves in that direction! So, after our visit to the waterfalls on the Krka river, and with 130nm to go to Pula, we decided to press on. Unfortunately, the normal wind here is NW. And we (more...)

Welcome to Croatia

21st May, 2014

Having checked in at Cavtat (pronounced Tsavtat) our first stop was at World Heritage Site Dubrovnik.   We sailed around the corner and, apart from the bridge ahead, what we saw were lots of seagulls diving the water, and the water itself churning with fish. Clearly there was a predator or two down (more...)

Arrived in Croatia!

13th May, 2014

Well, we made it to Croatia! We left Corfu in pretty calm conditions with both the jib and mainsail up, just about making 3.5kts. After a little while the wind disappeared totally and, when our speed dropped to zero we did put on the motor for about an hour. Sunset as we are leaving Corfu, (more...)