The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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adventures of my own

Wow….it has been a long time! So much has happened since I  introduced myself here and into this sailing Life.

Any ways,  South America was amazing. Hard to say which part of it was my favourite but Iguazu Falls in Brasil  and the whole 45Km of Inca Trail and Machu Picchu are sure on the top.

After coming back from South America, we sailed for 3 weeks and went to Canada to visit the family.

I have sure enjoyed the sailing experience so far and it feels good to be back again.

Things I miss the most:

  • my 10 month old grandson and 2 beautiful daughters
  • all the rest of my wonderful family
  • and Bread!

Yes! We are spoiled in Canada, we sure don’t have many choices in some of these islands, so that’s why I prefer to bake it.  I  found some pretty good flour whole grain etc., even herb and garlic!

What I miss the least:   Traffic and TV

We arrived  back in Grenada, last week in the evening of the 15th. It was already dark getting on the Boat with all the luggage, we got to the dock and I pulled in the spring line to get the boat closer so we could jump in, my watch snapped and fell into the deep waters.  Next morning Noel went diving down, picked it up, we thought it would be totally finished, being there all night. To our surprise the watch was still working and it’s perfectly fine. Thanks for the Quartz LeAnne,  great gift!

Next day was a Saturday, lets go grocery shopping as on Sundays everything closes.  As Noel said, the Dinghy breaks down shortly after we left our Boat. Nothing big, from all the rain it got water in the fuel.  Dinghy didn’t get fixed till Monday.

Since I still need to get my  groceries, water, and ice so I picked up the Kayak and off I go along the beach,. Asked around, found out there’s 1 store open close by. Great! Left my kayak at the beach.

You all know what it’s like when you go to the grocery store?!!!!  You go in for 5 items,you end up with 20. Plus a big bag of Ice, the only size they had and now I have to carry it all to the kayak. After attempting to carry the Ice on my hip and hands full, it kept slipping away, so just like when I was growing up in Portugal, I put the bag on my head and it worked very well, but I was hopping to get to the kayak quick before I got brain freeze…lol

Surprise, surprise, yes my kayak was still there. A few young boys surrounded me asking me to take them for a ride.  They were so cute, but I had to tell them sorry but my kayak is already overloaded and I didn’t want to sink.  From under the big tree, the older boys that were watching me arrive with the bag on top of my head and smiling, iI heard them saying they would love to come and save me. One of them got up and started making conversation with me, but he had such heavy accentI only understood half he was saying.

He asked me which one was my boat,  I pointed out that way.  He thought I was pointing to the big Cruise Ship that was near by our Boat and asked me why I was lying, I said I wasn’t lying. He told me he was a very respectful guy and I said “Yes.  I love your Island and people are so friendly here, but I got to run now before my butter and my ice melts.”

I sure had a good laugh.

What a work out to get home with my groceries. Had to paddle hard, the wind and current all pushing me back in the opposite direction.  Lots of fun though, got to the boat and made us a good Pina Colada. Never a dull moment!!!

Since we got back we have not done much visiting of this Island, but later this week we are planning to take a tour around and some hikes to some beautiful water Falls.

We have been busy running around getting getting different for the Boat, including some storage containers to help us get organized, and of course more tools and tool box, spare parts for the engines and we also got a wind generator.

Today Noel has been busy wiring all the electrics for the wind generator and adding another socket in the cockpit.

This is a different life style, but  like at home I keep myself busy, besides picking up a book and learn  sailing and navigation, today I was organizing cupboards and lining them. Love all my tupperware that I brought from home. Cousin Lidia calls me tupperware queen. lol  Ahhhh and still cleaning some mildew spots, the ceiling and walls. I even have a sewing machine on board, besides having to adjust our queen sheets to be more fitted around the bed, I’m also working on some curtains for the bedroom.

With so many tools around and wires today Noel has the place looks more like a workshop than a home,  so I decided to sit on the front of the trampoline with the  computer and let you know a bit of we’re up to.

Stay tuned……


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