The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Antigua – Home of the Super Yachts

Current Location: English Harbour, Antigua
Current Position: 17 0.47 N 061 45.8 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 87 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Well, we have been sitting in Antigua waiting for our spare part to arrive. Three days just waiting for some French guy in St. Martin to get his act together to get the part to us.  Now, finally, I went to the airport to pick it up. So, hopefully we will get it all put back together again today. Once we do, we shall depart for St. Martin.

In the photo below you can see  how the propshaft unit is separated from the engine. At the top end of the unit there is a black rubber seal that encloses the prop shaft and stops water coming through. But with the unit separated it got pulled aft, thus damaging that seal and so letting water in. That seal, made by Volvo, is the bit we were waiting for.

Leopard 42 volvo shaft seal

Propshaft unit disconnected from the transmission at the back of the engine

In the meantime it is not all bad here. We have Ceu cooking up a treat in the galley, as usual (better food than any of the restaurants).

Leopard 42 galley

Ceu cooking up a feast in the galley

And we have a whole selection of multi-million dollar superyachts to gape at!  They cost millions, have full-time professional crews to maintain and sail them, charter out at hundreds of thousands of dollars a week, and the owners rarely come to visit them!

super yachts in Falmouth harbour, Antigua

Super yachts in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

So, life’s not to bad really. Even  if we had to wait in paradise for an extra day or two!

2 Responses to “Antigua – Home of the Super Yachts”

  • Matheus:

    Uauuuu “Cantinho da Céu”!
    Espero que você continue cozinhando comidas gostosas como você fazia para a gente antes.
    Aproveite bastante sua vida aventureira!
    I feel good to see you happy!!
    Enjoy your life!!
    Hugs for you guys!

    • Noel:

      Ola Matheus
      Sim tenho cozinhado. O Noel pos o nome ao meu restaurante: Heavenly Delights!
      agora preciso receitas do Brasil, para quando voces vierem visitar a gente.
      Saudades…um abrasso

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