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Arrived in Brindisi, Italy – No Wheels on My Wagon

Current Location: Anchorage in Brindisi, Italy
Current Position: 40 39.52 N 017 58.02 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 109 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Well, we made it to Brindisi!

As it turns out, we did have the motor -sail the whole way, for two reasons:

  1. The winds were very light, so it would have taken us forever to cross if we just sailed, and
  2. A couple of times we did turn off the engine, and straight away we were getting ‘low battery’ messages.

So I guess this battery is almost as dead as the other two. But it’s not all bad. It did mean that the fridge was working all night, so now we have a nice fully frozen freezer again – though there is nothing in it, as we have been operating on a ‘minimal fridge’ policy for the past few weeks. Anyway, it was an uneventful passage, taking a full 24 hours to cover 114 kts, so not the most impressive average speed.

Brindisi harbour is huge. There is a large outer harbour. Then, over a mile from the entrance to that, there is a large middle harbour, and a mile from the entrance to that, there is a good-sized inner harbour.

On prior information, we anchored just outside Brindisi Marina, next to an old castle, in the middle harbour, and we went to check in, which was pretty straightforward. Then we went into town and got our internet sorted out, which was also straight forward. 55 Euro for 15 GB for two months with TIM. Though we only need it for a month.

On coming out, we spoke with an Austrian boat tied up to the town quay, opposite the customs house. He told us that there was no charge for tying up there! What a change from Croatia, Greece, and other places! So we may well move across there, as it makes it much easier to visit the town.

But today it is blowing again. 25kts. And it is a nice large enclosed harbour. So that means it is time to get the windsurfer out. Finally!

We will probably stay here a couple of days and then work our way around to Crotone. We really need to get these batteries sorted out!



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