The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Back on Board!

From Canada we went to the UK, where I spent a week freezing off my butt in ridiculous temperatures, while Ceu wen to Portugal to visit her family.

We then took an EasyJet flight ,with a 15hp outboard engine in our checked luggage, and arrived in Catania, Sicily at 9pm. A large van took us to Marina di Ragusa, and we arrived on board Life Part 2 at 11pm!

That was two nights ago, and now we are settling in. My parents are also visiting.

But of course life is not without drama on board! Last night, in the middle of cooking our chicken, the gas ran out. Fortunately the chicken was cooked, but not the onions, so we just had some salad to go with it instead.

Today we are trying to hire a car so that we can do some touring, and fill up our gas bottles in Ragusa.

It seems we brought to good weather with us. Prior to our arrival they had been having gale force winds and rain. Now it is blue skies and sun.

Let the summer begin!…

5 Responses to “Back on Board!”

  • Honeydew #1:

    u mean not too good of weather? 😉

    Grad you guys are back on board your baby. Looking forward to Photos 🙂


  • Lou:

    I am sure honeydew #1 meant she was glad.

    Enjoy and hoping you have nice weather. Hope we get some too we have had a lot of rain the last few days.

  • Ola!
    Great to read this update.
    Have a fabulous season!

    • Noel:

      Hi Marla

      So sorry we missed you at the Boat Show – we were there on a different to when you were speaking. Are you headed to the Med again this year?


  • Marlene Boehm:

    Glad to hear you have back on your floating home again. Wish we could have got a ski in. Next year for sure!!!! Enjoy your time over there and I will look forward to your blogs and when you are back in this part of the world again.

    Much Love, Marlene

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