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Back on the Water – Finally!

Current Location: Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Current Position: 10 40.95 N 061 38.04 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 0 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

It has been a long time. We arrived in Trinidad at the end of June 2018 to leave the boat on the hard for the hurricane season. We then got held up in Canada by a wedding, and then some babysitting. And then we had to go to Portugal for a couple of weeks. So we didn’t make it back to Trinidad until the beginning of November. 

The plan was to pick up the boat, sail across to Grenada for a month or so, and then leave the boat on a mooring  for the ski season.

But no sooner had we arrived, than Mum got ill and was in hospital. So we left the boat on the hard and flew back to Canada. It took until well into January to get her properly sorted out and, of course, we got in some good skiing. 

But now we are back in the Caribbean. While we were gone we had the decks of Life Part 2 totally repainted with Awlgrip (a very expensive process) so now she looks all shiny and new! With that, plus the new flooring that we installed last year, we almost have a brand new boat. Maybe next year we will treat ourselves to some new sails. We also hope the decks will be a lot easier to clean, as the old oxidized gelcoat seemed to just soak up an stain that was passing by.

As we always say, the most expensive part of sailing is not sailing, so this coming year we plan to spend a whole lot more time on board.

Now we are afloat, we will be leaving for Grenada on Thursday, and will then progressively head north to reach Antigua by the beginning of April as we then have to fly to Kelowna again for a couple of weeks, this time for Mum’s 90th birthday. Can’t really miss that one!

After that we haven’t quite figured out the plan. Westwards, perhaps?

One Response to “Back on the Water – Finally!”

  • Honeydew 1:

    Held up by babysitting he says… be honest Abba, it was the highlight of your year!! ?
    Very thankful.
    Anyways, carry on sailing and all that jazz. Be safe!

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