The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Finally Made it to Vis

Current Location: Komiza, Vis, Croatia
Current Position: 43 2.12 N 016 5.49 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 22 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

We tried twice when Mitzi and David (my sister and her husband) were here. In fact, we tried to go to Hvar and Vis, but each time we tried, the wind was either in the wrong direction, or non-existant. And, in any case, I think Mitzi, David and Emma had other ideas on how to spend their 10 day holiday, rather than motoring around:

David arrived on his Birthday!

David arrived on his Birthday!


The birthday boy seems to know how to ‘chillax’


So, apart from a visit to Split,  we ended up spending most of the time in different spots on Solta,with one brief visit to Milna on Brac which is right next to Solta.

Then we tried again yesterday.

Last night we were in a beautiful little cove which, despite it being the very height of the season here in Croatia, we had all to ourselves!


Because it required a bit of ingenuity. The cove is small, and 15 m deep. So we took one long line to each shore, and tied us up in the middle of the bay. With calm conditions we had a peaceful and quiet night. And a beautiful bright full moon.

One long line from each bow, with a fender hanging off the line so other boats can see it.

One long line from each bow, with a fender hanging off the line so other boats can see it.

This morning we got up to find a breeze in the right direction! Se set off before 9am and were on our way, making 3kts. Then the wind vanished for an hour, but came back again. Soon we were making 2kts again. And who is in a hurry? As long as we get there before dark, we really don’t care.

Then as the sea breeze picked up, it gradually strengthened, finally getting up to 23kts just as we were approaching the Western end of Vis. What a cracking sail! We bore off for the western point, and were touching 8kts of speed. And smoooth water. Can’t beat it!

By 15:00 we were anchored in 7m of water, just to the south of Komiza town. A nice patch of sand, but somehow Ceu managed to plant the anchor right in the middle of a 1m diameter patch of poseidonia weed!  Which, of course, she blames on my steering. Oh well, it is holding and the night will be calm.

Tomorrow, first thing we will head the final 4 miles to visit the Blue Cave just west of here.



5 Responses to “Finally Made it to Vis”

  • Hello Ceu and Noel, I absolutely love to read your postings. You do an amazing job. So great to see you both enjoy life.

  • R & B on Far Out:

    Wow looked everywhere and could not find an email address for you two. It was nice to meet yesterday off Badija Island, Korcula.
    Surely we will meet again..seems like we have a lot in common after looking at!. Looking forward to it!
    Have a quick question. Did the email you received from Elio come from his email address or another address? love to have it if it is a different address…hum and he is not married so not his wife..
    We are concerned about him..Smiles, Barbara and Rick
    Hope you had your wine tour!


    Love your photos. We loved our visit to Split. No one shouting. Lots of good games and marvelous food.

  • Heidi:

    great photos of David and Emma. No p[ictures of Mitzi. Whatg is this weed you landed in. Did ;you have to dive to clear the anchor?

    • Noel:

      Mitzi is in the photo with Emma! The weed is really a thick sea grass that is hard to penetrate with an anchor. No need to dive, but often it does not hold the anchor too well.

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