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First Day Windsurfing

Today the wind is blowing 20-22kts from the North West, just as predicted. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it is a perfect windsurfing day!

So, finally, I get to try my brand new windsurfer, a 120 lt freewave board and a 6.5 sq. m. sail. All new stuff, with the latest technology.

Only problem is, I haven’t windsurfed (apart from a quick spin in Bermuda) for about 10 years.

And I certainly haven’t used all the new gear that is now available.

But all that was the least of my problems.

I rigged up the board and sail and threw it all in the water off the stern. I put on my wetsuit as the wind is COLD, jumped in the water and got ready to sail.

I am in the water. I lift the sail above me and the wind catches it, pulling me up onto the board and off we go! Man this board is FAST.

I am screaming across the bay getting towards the land. Time to put in a gybe.

Now it is here that the first two problems made themselves apparent. The gybe turns into a swim. No problem. Another quick water-start and I am off again, screaming across the bay in the other direction, even if my form doesn’t look too good.

It is now that the REAL problem starts to manifest.

I am totally exhausted! I have been sailing for what? Maybe 5 minutes? And I am huffing and puffing and can barely hold on to the boom, never mind attempt another gybe!

Another ten minutes of this and I am done in. Time to get a tow back to the boat and have some lunch.

Fantastic. Maybe I will get another ten minutes in later on.

But fear not – a few outings like this and I will be on top form again, just you wait and see.

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