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Just Arrived in Sicily

Current Location: Favignana, Sicily
Current Position: 37 55.96 N 012 19.37 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 0 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Well, we left at 7am yesterday in light winds and had a peaceful and uneventful crossing.

Initially we had the spinnaker up and were stomping along, but then the wind got up to 15knots so we took it down. Replacing it with just the jib on a dead run. The wind then dropped a bit, but as night was coming on we decided to leave the jib up, so most of the time we had only the jib going. That meant for a rather slower crossing, but with only a jib it is very peaceful and needs no looking after. A bit frustrating when we were overtaken by a monohull with his main and jib up, goose-winged – ie about double the sail area we had – but then he does have five people on board to handle everything. And we don’t have a whisker pole for the jib. No matter, we arrived in the bay just about half an hour after them.

So now we are in Favignana, one of the western most islands just off Sicily. There is a castle at the top of a big hill, so I think we are going to have to hike that to see what’s up.

Will keep you informed!

2 Responses to “Just Arrived in Sicily”

  • Honeydew #1:

    FUN! (see, I’m reading your blog mama..) love u guys.

  • Doreen Giebelhaus:

    Surprise!surprise! here I am and I do look forward to all updates. It’s very hot here with severe storms and floods in some areas. We are lucky so far!

    Was anyone living in the castle at the top of the hill?? Awaiting the next blog..

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