The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Made it to Pula!

Current Location: Pula, Croatia
Current Position: 44 52.7 N 013 50.62 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 32 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

We set off this morning at 8:45am (wow – a lie in!) with the wind blowing 20-25kts from the north east. Since we wanted to go north west, that looked good to go.

And good to go it was! With two reefs and a roll we were making 8kts eastward to round the tip of the island. Then we hardened up to close hauled, still making 6-7kts. This was a perfect course for Pula, so we just kept going.

Gradually the wind dropped, and we then let out the jib rolls, and then the two main reefs.

Finally the wind was down to 11kts, and we were bearing away to round the bottom tip of the Istria peninsula.

As we did so, there were hoards of ‘credit card captains’ sailing south from Pula. They had, no doubt, just picked up their boats and were starting off on their holidays. A glorious day for it – sun shining, 12kts of wind on a beam reach, full sail, holidays for a week or two – what could be better?

And then what happened? Wind disappeared. Vanished. Then came back briefly from the wrong direction and vanished again. We decided to cut our losses and anchor in a small bay, 8 miles short of Pula.

We anchored overnight in Paltana bay.

We anchored overnight in Paltana bay.

This morning the sun was out, and a light wind was blowing from the northwest. We motored the final stretch to Pula,

The cranes at Pula harbour

The cranes at Pula harbour

got ourselves some fuel and water, and are anchored, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ben tomorrow! Let’s hope the weather stays fine like it is today.

The amphitheater at Pula. The fuel dock is just at the right of the boat

The amphitheater at Pula. The fuel dock is just at the right of the boat

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