The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Random Pics
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The last 2 days I was on my own I was actually able to go out and not worry about the anchor, plus I had some great neighbors watching out for me.

Now, remember what our salon used to look like?

The salon - Before

I wanted to make some cushions for my newly covered seats inside. I had looked many places but couldn’t find it. Finally I decided to take a bus ride to the French side of St Martin. I found this place with beautiful fabrics, I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked the best or matched the best, so I got three different ones and made cushions all reversible, so I get 3 looks.

I kept busy sewing, which I really enjoyed.

sewing cushions in st martin

Sewing cushions into the night

Now, put my nice new cushions on our nice new upholstery (done while we were in Canada) and our nice new front windows (no more leaking hatches and duct tape), and here is what you get:

The Salon - After

Ahhhhh…the Rum has been replaced!!!

No worries it was just added in with the other big stash of booze

I was also very busy making shopping lists, safety lists planning for our Atlantic Passage. Provisioning in St Martin is sure cheaper than having to shop most places around here and more variety as well.

I have never bough so much canned stuff in my life. I thought it even didn’t look normal, my cart was overflowing, couldn’t take any more…..full of just cans and some pasta and rice. I got a ride from the Store to the dock. I was joking with the driver, that with such big shop I was worried to sink my dinghy. He said It wasn’t a big shop. I felt so much better now. I guess they’re used to big Yachts doing their shopping, mine was small!!

loading up and finding a home for all the provisions

First day I went shopping for some housewares stuff, I was not in the groove yet. Kept adding to the shopping cart and when I got to the teller I forgot that my car was not in the parking lot. So, stuffed everything inside this big Rubbermaid container I bought and walked home with it. Very friendly people, 2 cars stopped to give me a ride and I actually didn’t take it because it was a big tub and awkward to put inside and wasn’t that far any more. After that, I did more shopping, but more trips……..

I did get a lot done, even dragging away, including Cleaning of course! LifePart2 was very very dusty from being in the Shipyard.

Noel thought I got so much done while he was away. He says he should go away more often. I say:

At the moment I’m not talking to him very much……I wonder why
He’s too busy working with his computer. We talk only at meal times…….(Yeah, I’m still cooking for him)
He’s not complaining in the office…he’s loving the beautiful view of the island and beautiful turquoise waters all around him….and of course, I AM still here!!! And tonight I’m taking him to the Island’s popular full moon party. Ahhh……in the name of Love, it’s So good!


Yesterday we lost connection and I was not able to publish this. This morning sailed across to  Marina Cay. Nice little Bay and we are connected again

Full moon party was great. Any excuse to party in the Islands!

We met this nice couple from Chicago who are staying at the resort where the party was at and had some laughs with them. They were amazed with our lifestyle. They are very excited to come and visit on Tuesday for a drink and maybe a quick sail.

8 Responses to “Makeover”

  • Honeydew:

    Looks awesome Mom! Good for you! I’m not thrilled to hear that you were by yourself on the boat for a few days but I am glad you are safe none the less. You are so talented…those cushions look so great 🙂 Mind you.. nothing really looks bad next to the turquoise water and white sand beaches you have there!.. hehe. Love you- Say hi to Noel. xo.

  • Honeydew:

    ps- you could have a more updated picture of Jess and I .. that picture you have next to your brand new nook is 5 years old! haha.

    • Noel:

      Yes… I agree .That photo is old, but is very special you gave it to me way back on Mothers’s Day. Plus all the good photos of us and Tiago are on your camera. Perhaps I can stay in one place long enough so you can develop some new pics and send them to me. Love you

  • Wolf:

    Sooo talented Ceu. Very nice.

  • Ceu you are absolutely amazing !!!. Look at you, you are so talented and adventurous. You can do anything. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Noel you are a fantastic teacher, the results are showing. 🙂
    By the way I like your cushions, nice colors
    Hugs and kisses

  • heidi:

    Everything looks really nice. Congratulations.

  • WOW! Noel and Ceu!
    I am SO impressed that you were able to make your dream happen so beautifully. I hope I had a small part in helping you get here. Maybe we’ll all see each other in the Caribbean some day. I’m following your blog now and mine is
    This is the New Zealand blog and you can click on the Croatia blog we’re starting for September’s trip.
    Happy Sailing Happy Wind Happy Life
    Marla from Cooper Boating

    • Noel:

      Hi Marla,

      So good to hear from you! Yes, you certainly played a part in us getting here! We often talk about you and tried to look you up in Grenville Island a couple of times.

      So, Croatia in September? Our plan is to cross the Atlantic in May and to be in the Med by September, though perhaps not as far across as Croatia yet. Are these flotilla adventures part of Cooper Boating? Or are you doing something new now?
      Noel & Ceu

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