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Sail to Cariacou

Current Location: Cariacou, Grenadines
Current Position: 12 27.48 N 061 29.12 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 30 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

We just arrived in Cariacou but before we left we had to finish our tour of the Grenada. We took the bus to the nearest point and stopped at Seven Falls, where we had a guided tour through rain forest and up to the falls. Although 2004 Hurricane Ivan did huge damage to this Island, especially the rain forest, they say this hike is actually better now, rain forest is regrowing and its just a tropical garden.The views are better as well, from the top we could see the Atlantic ocean. We had lunch at a cute local restaurant and then we took another little hike around Lake Etang, where you often see monkeys and apparently very friendly, but we didn’t see any. We found a picnic table in a nice little park, and we stopped and read our books for a bit before we took the bus back home.

On Thursday, we sailed away just around the corner, and did our snorkeling. The sculptures under water were soooo cool. The water was a bit cloudy that day, not great visibility but it was still nice. Lots of snorkelers around and divers as well.

Next morning we set off again, made a quick stop in Victoria, very tiny village, spent the night there and waited the next morning for the right tides and currents, and it sure was a great sail here to Cariacou, it was a good breeze all through our nice 4hrs trip.

Yesterday went ashore and got my laundry done…..made another curtain for the other forward cabin! skyped with my daughter and grandson I miss so much!! we also had a local come to sell us oysters, and he sat here forever opening them up (it was included in the price!!) lunch time came around and he told me he was taking a break, he had a sore back, so we fed him lunch. He said it was delicious….in the end he asked for a doggy bag, I sent him home with some homemade bread and he was happy!!! The oysters were small but very tasty! Today he was back again, this time he took out our garbage, for a fee of course!!

Today I will go and get some groceries and check out this small island. Noel is doing some work in his internet business.

We will keep having fun in the sun!

One Response to “Sail to Cariacou”

  • Heidi and Elmer:

    I had not read this blog before replying to Noel’s E-mail. How far is it to the seven falls and Lake Etang? What are the under water sculptures? I don’t suppose we would have time for snorkeling and we will do this on an excursion on another island.

    If you can get any lobster and/or oysters, we would love these. It will be great to participate in your life (part2).

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