The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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The One-Hour Passage

We filled up with water, checked out of customs, hoisted sail and off we went.

Once we got out of the harbour and settled down to a nice sail on a broad reach, I said, “What is that squeaking noise?”

Well, it turns out that the squeaking noise was the top of the davit post resting against the back of the arch, having broken its weld with the plate that actually attaches it to the ark. Since the davit holds up the dinghy we didn’t figure we should really leave it as it is for the long passage.

So back we went.

Checked back in with customs, who were really good and just tore up our exit forms, and then went to hunt for a welder on a Saturday evening.

First stop was Outerbridge Machine Shop, where the very friendly man who had made us some nylon pulley blocks on Friday night lived. He was just leaving with his family, but said come back in an hour. So at 6:30pm we walked up the fill with our two davit poles, and he said they would be ready for 9am today. How is that for friendly service!

Hopefully they will be, and we will be able to depart today.

Well, sort of. We woke up to a beautiful sunny day – and flat calm. Oh well. If we keep waiting for the right weather we will never leave.

Hopefully our next update will be from the high seas. But don’t panic – we will NOT be updating daily, so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a while.


7 Responses to “The One-Hour Passage”

  • wishing you fair winds my friends

  • Wolf:

    Well that is how it goes. Never a dull moment. Good luck and great sailing.

  • Lori Murchison:

    Hi Noel, It’s Me Lori, Wow Look At You!, Funny,I was Thinking of you guys the other day, and wondering where everyone was. Looks like things are going awesome for you, that’s great. You were always such a free spirit. Where are my little boys now, all grown up? I am too am on my life, part 2, maybe not as extensive as yours, But nevertheless happy, happy sailing! Lori…

    • Noel:

      Yep, the boys are big lads now! Josh finished university in Vancouver and is now working in London. Ben is graduating from Portsmouth Uni this summer.

      Good to hear from you!


  • Mike Loo:

    Congratulations on your flexibility and good luck! Not really appropriate for this but could you please have Cheri check her email or call Mike and Dixie at the first opportunity.

    Thanks and wishes for smooth winds.

  • Denise D'Aoust:

    Hi Noel

    your mom told me of your voyages…reminds me of our sailing days. I wish you foregiving seas, Denny

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