The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Wow! We made it!

Current Location: Peter Island, BVI
Current Position: 18 21.28 N 064 35.99 W Click to view map.

So, here we are, sitting by the pool in Tortola with a cold drink in hand!

The last week has been totally crazy. Went to Joshua’s graduation, which was lovely. He had a BIG grin on his face all day,.

Then we had to get him through airport check in with all his gear, including the wearing of 3 coats with pockets stuffed with books.  Amazingly he a

made it.

And then we (Ceu, myself, and Jessica, Ceu’s daughter)  had to get our stuff through the airport. We had 6 suitcases and boxes, all packed to the maximum 50 lbs, plus 3 carry on bags, also packed to the limit of 20lbs, plus two laptop bags, stuffed with socks etc, and a handbag, with a spare shoe in it.

And then, of course, I was wearing shorts under my long pants, my hiking boots, and a hat.  But we made it through, and didn’t even have to pay any extra for the bags. And, because at Vancouver we cleared customs before we got on the plane, our bags were actually checked all the way through the Tortola, where they duly arrived with us, and with only one small hole in the box.

The flights were long and uncomfortable, and I didn’t get to see the end of Shutter Island, which is rather frustrating.

And then we arrived in the glorious sun and heat.

We dropped all the stuff at Conch Charters, had a quick lunch at Pusser’s Pub, and then hurried up the the Hummingbird House B&B for a swim and a nap.

Tomorrow we board Life Part 2 and set sail for a couple weeks gentle cruising around the BVI. The adventure begins…

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  • Lindsay:

    Noel, you are finally starting your sailing, sounds like fun. Good luck. The weather finally got warm in Kelowna. I’m sitting at my computer with a pretty good sunburn. I met Ceu daughter down at the office the other day. She was very nice. Just thought I would check your blog and say hello, Take care!

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