The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Cagliary and Departure for Sicily

Current Location: Cagliari, Sardinia
Current Position: 39 11.72 N 009 7.14 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 0 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

On my last entry, we had just arrived in Cagliary, south of Sardinia

It was a really nice city, once we got through the ugly cement and cranes industrial nature of the harbour, and the long, hot and dusty walk into town.

View of Cagliari from our anchorage


Inside of it all, there is a nice place with a citadel at the top. Steep rising town with most of the city attraction, Cathedral, palaces, museums, and 2 towers, most famous the Elephant tower.

Elephant tower


The Cathedral



Eeni,meeni,minee, mo…..which photo should I show???? So many churches!


We spent a day and an evening there and the next morning we sailed down the coast along their famous 9kms long, Picolla del Pueto beach.

Villasimius Marina ( this handsome guy keeps showing up up in my pictures? hhhmm….we must have a chat)


Sometimes this was our backyard view, depends where the wind is blowing, and which direction we’re swinging…..the images bellow are also the views around the same anchorage near the harbour



Villasimius beach where we were anchored near the marina


How about a garden? I would love that. I wonder how often they replace the dead ones



Not a bad looking boat, even though you can barely see the garden on their deck just above the flag


It has it all.


Talk about boy toys!! this Yacht has it all. One side you can see the motor boat on the other side a sailing yacht and a helicopter on top


We anchored in a really nice bay just outside the harbour in Villasimius. Very nice marina, with many shops, supermarket and nice cafes, where we enjoyed some good capuccino, while waiting for the rain to stop. We also met a fellow from Germany who was also on a yacht and leaving for Sicily the next morning.

He did!

We saw him on the way. The only boat we saw in the 160 n miles passage. We had barely seen rain in months. It was refreshing! Best part, the boat got clean…yey! That evening we got some more and collected enough water to do our laundry, bedding and all!

We needed another day wait for the right winds, so we stayed in and replaced one of our reefing lines that had chaffed through, and prepared for the passage for the next morning.

Gave me a chance to do my laundry. Sun shinning again,very hot and a nice breeze, wash and dry all it takes is 2 hours!

Made a pot of stew for the next day’s passage to Sicily, it’s always nice to have something made that you can just reheat, in case it gets rough, or you just get lazy…..or want a snooze,after being awake at night, haha!! We expect it to take about 30 hours or so

Stay tuned for the next adventure…Sicily





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