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Current Location: Monsanto, PortugalCurrent Position: 40 2.36 N 007 6.85 W Click to view map.We had a wonderful winter in Canada  full of fun with the family, Xmas festivities and great skiing! We left Cartagena in November. Spent one week in England with Noel’s family where we celebrated Elmer’s 80th Birthday, his sister’s Birthday and (Click to Read More...)
Yep, we are back in the land of snow. In fact, we arrived in Kelowna on Friday, and had an awesome powder day on Monday.And, of course, Ceu got to spend heaps of time with Tiago. Ceu and Tiago enjoying some snow Unfortunately I had to catch up on some business stuff, so couldn’t hit (Click to Read More...)
Heading back to the boat on Thursday! Arrive Grenada Friday evening. Had a good two months in Canada. Caught up on a lot of business stuff. Having bought a new business the day before we left Canada back in May was interesting. Fortunately my partner Darren was able to put in a bunch of work (Click to Read More...)
“But I’m sad to say, I’m on my way. Won’t be back, for many a day” Yep, sadly we left Life Part 2 in Whisper Cove, Grenada. I am now in LA for a brainstorming session with Bob Proctor, and Ceu is back in Kelowna with her ‘Lovey’ (Tiago, her grandson). I will be back there too in a week, and we will probably stay in Canada for a couple of months while we ride out the hurricane season which is still predicted to be a very active one. While here I plan to figure out some LED bulbs to cut down our energy consumption. Anyway, not much else to report for now.