The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Useful Links & Articles

General Resources:

Two great forums for discussing anything to do with cruising:

Cruisers Wiki – I use this site as my main cruising guide and pilot book. Detailed information on anchorages, harbours and marinas worldwide. Please, if you do use it, also make the effort to ‘pay it forward’ and update it with info on the places you have been. Even if all you do is to add your  name and date of visit that still indicates that the info is up to date. The more people use and update it, the better it will get. And don’t be afraid to add more detail – eg useful stores and resources, directions on how to get to place X etc.

Cruisers Forum – lively discussions about everything

Multihulls4US – exclusively multihulls

NoonSite – Jimmy Cornell’s (Author of World Cruising Routes) site has heaps of information about every country on the planet, plus updates and advisories about piracy concerns, and a load of other stuff.

Frank’s Weather Page – Everything you need to know about weather – from beginner to advanced.

Drag Device Data Base – All you ever wanted to know about using Sea Anchors, Para-anchors and Drogues in heavy weather and survival storms. Fascinating reading. If you are ever in such a storm yourself, please make sure you send in your own report! This resource was out of print for 10 years until I took over the project from Victor Shane with his full blessing.

Grog’s Animated Knots very clear animated instructions on how to tie some useful knots.

Soft-shackles – you can make them yourself, they weigh less, hurt less when they hit you, and are in many situations better than steel shackles. This site has all the info you need.

OpenCPN The best free navigation program is OpenCPN. It will run on Windows or Linux

Splicing used rope – excellent instructions by Samson on how to splice double braid rope. Large file (PDF) – give it time to load

Knotting and Splicing Dyneema – how strong is it and how best to use it? This fibre is awesome, but it does need to be handled a bit differently to polyester and nylon.

How to Make a Jordan Series Drogue – a nice description with photos

How to Splice and Knot Dyneema – just how strong is this stuff, and how do you knot it when it is so slippery?

Other Blogs by Sailors:

Nine of Cups – These guys have cruised to some very interesting places, and now have switched to cruising by land rather than sea.

Maxing Out – Another ex-doctor (eye surgeon) who decided to live his dream. Lots of interesting articles.

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