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We are often asked about how much it costs to go cruising and what our budget is.

That is difficult to answer, as there are so many variables. But my short answer is that you will probably spend as much at sea as you do on land minus your home payments (rent/mortgage). That is because you will probably follow the same kind of lifestyle. If you are high maintenance, high rollers, you will spend a lot. If you are thrifty, you will spend little.

But to help you figure it out for yourself a bit more, here are my personal thoughts on the question.

Getting Started – If you want to go cruising, you need a boat. That costs money. Here are my thoughts on what to buy.

How much does it cost to cruise in a sailing catamaran?

How does one afford the adventure?

2 Responses to “Finances”

  • jonathan prosser:

    Hey Noel!

    Get these finance pages finished so that I can plan my own escape man!

    You’ll be no doubt chortling to yourself when you read about the pension reforms in the UK that might indeed see my retirement date recede from 8 years time to god knows when – all the more relevant to learn from your pathway.

    best wishes, jonathan

    • Noel:

      Well well well, look who found me!

      How are you doing buddy?

      You are right, I really must get those pages finished. Will see what I can do!

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