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West Coast of Turkey

Greek Cyclades

Malta, June 2013

Tunisia, May 2013

East Coast of Sicily

Syracuse, Sicily

Greek Temples at Agrigento, Sicily, July 2012

Magnificent Greek temples

Corsica, June 2012

Menorca, June 2012

Ibiza, May 2012

Panama, Dec 2011

Whistle-stop tour of Panama including a visit to the Panama Canal, Boquette, a coffee plantation, Bocas del Toro, and a teak forest in the Darien.

London, Nov 2011

Back home in the UK for Noel\'s Dad\'s 80th birthday party, and a tourist tour of London for Ceu.

Cartagena, Spain, Nov 2011

Another beautiful historic town with Roman remains, air-raid shelters, and the world\'s first submarine! Very pleasant marina. We sadly left Life Part 2 here and departed for London and the Americas.

Costa Blanca, Spain, Oct 2011

A beautiful sail around the corner of Spain up to Catagena, where we planned to leave Life Part 2 for the winter.

Costa Del Sol, Spain, Oct 2011

Leaving Girbraltar we made our way along the Spanish south coast, visiting fellow internet entrepreneur Mark Thompson in Fuengirola, and then stopping in Herradura on our way to Almerimar

Cadiz, Spain, Oct 2011

Historic, but not a grand as Seville, Cadiz was interesting. However, the marina was way less equipped for chandlery than we expected. Negotiating store opening hours was also an experience! Having carefully calculated tides and weather, we left early the morning after a storm to sail to Gibraltar. Unfortunately all our Gib photos were accidentally deleted.

Seville, Spain, Oct 2011

The two day trip up the Guadalquivir is not to be missed, and Seville is spectacular.

Albufeira & Culatra, Portugal, Sep 2011

After a long summer with Ceu\'s family, we set off along the south coast, bound for Gibraltar. In Culatra Darren and LeeAnne joined us. We departed Culatra with an ebb tide through the shallow east exit. Except we didn\'t quite make it on our first go!

Portimao, Aug 2011

This time all of Ceu\'s family came to join us onboard at Portimao, along with Allisen and Tiago!

Obidos & Coimbra, Portugal, July 2011

A medieval re-enactment at the historic town of Obidos, and a drive through the countryside to the ancient university town of Coimbra.

England, July 2011

Ben\'s graduation, Ben\'s coffee kiosk, a week in the New Forest with Oma and Grandy, and a trip to the National Car Museum at Beaulieu.

Lisbon, July 2011

Had a day tour of Lisboa, including a visit to the Coach Museum

Casegas, Paul and inland Portugal, July 2011

We left Life Part 2 in the marina at Sines, and went inland to visit with Ceu\'s mother and sister for a month.

Azores to Sines, Portugal, June 2011

Initially calm, then a fast reach while crossing the main shipping channel from Northern Europe to the Med. Finally we made it to Europe, and promptly put the washing out to dry.

Terceira & Sao Miguel, Azores, June 2011

Each island is different. Terceira had the bull running. Sao Miguel had a hot spring in the ocean, cooking in the sulpher springs, lakes and tea plantations.

Flores, Azores, June 2011

A small storm passed through while we were in Flores, so we stayed a bit longer than expected, which enabled us to tour the flower-laden island and watch a \'matança do porco\' (killing and butchering of a pig by a family). No photos of that unfortunately.

Bermuda to Azores, May 2011

A tranquil and uneventful 16 day sail to the Azores during which we saw a dead whale, lots of dolphins, a mussel-encrusted dan buoy, lots of ocean and no other boats. And I beat Offri at chess :-) We hoisted the storm jib for practice, and made landfall at Flores as dawn broke.

Bahamas & Bermuda, May 2011

Had a brief 3 day sail through the Bahamas (beautiful) where we picked up Doug and Cheri in Nassau for our sail to Bermuda. That proved to be a 2-day fast reach followed by 5 day bouncy beat. In Bermuda we picked up Offri (from Israel), met up once again with \'Ondine\', and then set off for the Azores.

Turks & Caicos, Apr 2011

Our delightful 4 day sail from USVI to Turks and Caicos was our \'qualifier\' sail before we set off across the Atlantic. We short-tacked into Providenciales between the coral heads.

Marina Cay, BVI, Apr 2011

Didn\'t get to cruise much of the BVI this time, as most of the time was spent looking for wifi connections to finish the sale of the company. Had the upholstery for \'the sofa\' done here.

St. Martin, Feb 2011

Ben came to visit and we took brief trips to Anguilla and St. Barts. We also had the new upholstery done, and had Life Part 2 hauled out for bottom painting while we went to Kelowna for the month.

Kelowna, Feb 2011

Didn\'t get much skiing in this time - was here for a month mostly to sort out the selling of my business, and for Ceu to see Tiago

Antiqua, Jan 2011

We had an enforced stay in Antigua while we had our port prop seal replaced. Much drier than the windward islands, Antigua is the home of many superyachts and the spectacular Antigua Classic race.

Martinique & Dominica, Dec 2010

Martinique is, well, French. Wine, baguettes and the birthplace of Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon. Dominica is beautiful with its endless jungle hikes - like the 3 hour hike up to the boiling lake. This is the world\'s second largest boiling lake and well worth the effort.

St. Vincent, Nov 2010

The location for Pirates in the Caribbean (now a rather beaten-up ex-movie set) that we visited in the pouring rain on Ceu\'s birthday. Followed by a lovely meal in a brand new resort in Buccament Bay. Ceu also learned to SCUBA dive here.

Mustique, Nov 2010

Mustique is the land of the rich. The totally private island is jointly owned by about 400 people, including the likes of Mick Jagger, Liz Hurley, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss and the heads of companies like Nike and Maxim, each of whom also own private homes valued in the $tens of millions. But one can still visit in a private yacht and tour the island. No, we didn\'t meet Shania Twain this time.

Grenada, Oct 2010

We took a day tour, visiting the cocoa and nutmeg factories, a rum distillery and Concord Falls. We also sat in a flat calm in a hurricane hole waiting for Hurricane Tomas to miss us totally! While we were here we had the wind generator installed.

Kelowna, Sept - Oct, 2010

We left Life Part 2 in a marina in Grenada through the hurricane season, and returned to Kelowna, where Noel\'s parents also came to visit. Tiago is growing up!

St. Martin to Grenada, July 2010

We sailed our first overnight passage from BVI to St. Martin, where we got some repairs and upgrades done. Then a storm was on its way, so we sailed rapidly to Grenada - but had to stop in Dominica to sort out a tangle in our spinnaker on the way, and then in Martinique to finish the repair. Beautiful sail past St. Vincent, arriving in Grenada early in the morning.

Peru, July 2010

We went on an awesome two week tour with Adventure Life - they organized everything - Lima, Cusco, the floating islands on Lake Titicaca, hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu, and the lodge in the Amazon.

Brazil, June 2010

For two weeks we toured Brazil - visiting the Pantanal, Rio, Iguazu Falls, Bonito, Campo Grande, and our friend Mateus in Bello Horizonte

British Virgin Islands - June 2010

Arriving in Tortola to start our new adventure on Life Part 2. Jessica joined us for a week. We sailed around the BVI for 10 days then had to leave for a month touring Brazil and Peru as the boat was due back in charter.

Joshua\'s Graduation May 2010

Just before we left for Life Part 2, Josh had his graduation from UBC, Vancouver with his BA in computer sciences. Well done Josh.

The Boat

General pictures of the boat

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