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If your children are perfectly well behaved, then read no further... Otherwise, continue on to discover the secrets to transforming your children's behavior...

"Eliminate Shouting and Defiant Behavior, and Unlock the Secret to Well Behaved, Polite, Children."

The truth about effective parenting techniques - what works, and what doesn't

From: Dr. Noel Swanson MD,MRCPsych
Consultant Child Psychiatrist and child behavior expert

Solving your child's behaviour problems

Dr. Noel Swanson, child psychiatrist

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Tell me, how would it be if, by , you could know exactly how to end your child's behavior problems and transform then into good behavior instead? Would that make life a bit less stressed? Maybe it would even seem as if some kind of miracle had occurred?

Well, read on and I will show you just how you could achieve this transformation in your own family, with your own children, in an amazingly short time. The same transformation, in fact, that Bob Densley is still enjoying:

"I didn't think anything would work with my little 7 y.o. girl but the very first time I tried my new found approach it really did work! I haven't looked back since."
Bob Densley, Kent, England

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Noel Swanson. I am a fully qualified medical doctor and a consultant child psychiatrist. Over the past 20 years I have worked with literally thousands of parents in both North America and England, all struggling with their children's behavior problems. And they all want the same thing:

More FUN and LESS STRESS as a family.

Some of them have had children with major disabilities or disorders - like learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, Autism, and Obsessive Compulsive disorders (in fact, as I write this, just 5 minutes ago I was consulting with just such a family).

Others are simply tearing their hair out about their children's oppositional and defiant behaviors - kids that think they own the world. Kids who throw temper tantrums, sass back at their parents, beat up their siblings, refuse to do as they are told... kids who think only of themselves, and want everything NOW! Kids who are, frankly, a parenting nightmare.

Many of these parents feel completely hopeless. They have read all the parenting books, tried all the parenting advice, and yet their kids just seem to get worse instead of better. Sometimes the behavior problems get so bad, they even start to think about putting their children into care, as they just cannot cope. When it comes to parenting, they feel like complete failures. Maybe you have felt like that at times too?

So they come to me to see if I can help.

Fortunately I can.

Now don't get me wrong. I have no magic wand (that's what some parents want). I cannot suddenly make the ADHD or Autism go away. I wish I could. But what I can do is to help them, and you, to become much more confident and much less stressed. Using the parenting techniques I have developed over the past 20 years you can rapidly put yourself back in control of your family. As a result, the shouting, threatening, tantrums, and all the other behavior problems will decrease, and the helpful, polite, and good behaviors will increase. Parenting, and life, will start to become fun again. That's what you want, isn't it?

I hope you are not one of these, are you?...

In over 20 years of medical practice I have come to realize two things:

The first is that there is a group of parents who think I can fix their child for them. These people seem to think that they can just bring their little brat to me and that somehow I will magically make the problems vanish, and turn him into a bright, friendly, polite, charming little angel! Without them changing their parenting style one iota! They are easy to recognize, as they usually sound like this: "Why should we have to change what we are doing just for him? He needs a good hiding, is what he needs... Why should we have to put up with the things he does??"

Then, if I dare to make any suggestions, it's "Oh, we couldn't do that... No, that would never work... " Classic cases of excusitis! I am sure you are not like that, but if you are, then I am sorry to disappoint you. I can teach you the parenting skils and strategies you need to transform your family. But you are the one who is going to have to do it.

The second thing I discovered was that there are some very simple, very basic principles that can be learned by anyone, and used in any family situation, with any type of problem behavior. Over time I worked these principles into a parenting system that any parent can use to improve their children's behaviors and bring more fun and happiness into the family.

In fact, these techniques are so powerful that 100% of parents who have used them have seen a dramatic improvement in their child's behaviors.

That's a pretty wild claim, isn't it? So let me qualify that briefly. These techniques work. There is no question about that. But you have to use them. Unfortunately, I do see countless parents who are looking for that magical fix. They don't want to do anything different; they don't want to learn new ways of doing things at home. They just want to carry on doing and being the same. What they want is for me to fix their little Johnny for them! In every case that parents have claimed that the system does not work, I have found out that they have not applied it properly. Every time.

Oh, there is a third thing. Each time I teach someone these principles...

I am amazed that no one has taught them this stuff before.

Remember, before they ever get a referral to see me, a hospital consultant, they will have already seen several professionals before - doctors, teachers, nurses, health visitors, counsellors, child guidance clinics and so on. Yet no-one is telling them what they need to know. And so the problem behaviors just stack up, getting worse and worse. Perhaps you have discovered that too? Far too often have I had parents say, "I've seen dozens of people but in half an hour I have learnt more from you than any of these other people."

Quite honestly, it ought to be taught in school, it's that simple and that powerful.

The problem is, I can see only one family at a time.

It takes me over four hours to properly explain my system to parents. At $230 per hour for a private appointment that gets pretty pricey. In many cases those initial four hours are all they need to immediately make changes at home that produce results and rapidly decrease the problem behaviors. But I can only see one family at a time. And there are hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of parents who are desperately looking for answers. I can't possibly meet with them all. I wish I could.

So I decided to put my parenting system into a manual. That way people can read it at their leisure. This gives them time to digest it. They can try things out and then refer back to it if the results weren't what they expected. And then, if they do come to me for a consultation, I don't have to spend 4 hours going over the basics with them. It saves me time, it saves them time, and it means I can help a lot more people. People like you, in fact.

That manual is called The GOOD CHILD Guide, and it has been hailed with critical acclaim as you can see from some of the genuine testimonials and reviews quoted here.. You can order it online, either as an easy-to-read hard-copy manual delivered right to your door, or as a PDF ebook, for immediate download, simply by clicking here.

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"I read it from cover to cover! Have already implemented much of the content and major improvement has resulted."
Jackie O., Hampshire, England.

"The funniest book I have read."
Steve Cockerill, Emsworth, England,

Hmm, that's an unusual testimonial - but, you know what? Learning how to kick out stress and bring fun back into your family life need not be boring and hard work!

So, what does it take raise children that are polite, respectful, helpful and cheerful?

What do you do, for example, in this situation:

Mom versus Child - who will win?

"Keith, put on your coat before you go out", instructs Mum.

"I don't need a coat", Keith replies.

"Yes you do, it's cold out, and it might rain." Mum says.

"So?" he retorts.

"So. You'll catch a cold. Now get your coat on. Quickly, it's late."

"I'm not putting a coat on. I don't need it."

And on it goes. Ever been there? This scene can be played out in countless variations: maybe about doing the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, finishing homework, or putting the toys away. Often it is about things that we want children to do, i.e. good behaviors that they need to start. But it can just as easily be about bad behaviors that we want them to stop. These might be behaviors the child is doing right now, such as drawing on the wall, bouncing on the sofa, or throwing a major temper tantrum.

Or they might be behaviors that they are just about to do, such as going out when you have told them to stay in.

The pattern, and the problem, is the same in each case: the parent wants something, the child does not. It is a straight conflict. Who will win? Who is the more powerful? What do you do?

Or what about this one:

Bedtime? Ha! What bedtime?

It's time for bed. Or at least it is supposed to be. But there seem to be countless requests such as "one more chapter", or "a glass of water please?", or "I'm hungry", "I need to go to the toilet", "I forgot to brush my teeth", and, of course, the best one of them all, "I'm scared!" The more they go on, the more frustrated and harassed you become.

Finally you succeed. You sit down to read the paper. Five minutes later you hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

"What now?", you say.

"I've lost my teddy bear."

"Honestly, can't I have any time to myself? I've already spent an hour getting you to bed, and now you're down here wanting me to find your teddy bear. Whatever next? Do you think..."

Oh dear. Not a good scene. So what is the solution?

The One Fundamental Principle

Surprisingly, there is just one fundamental underlying principle that is the key to success. Understand this single concept and you will be able to work out everything else from it. Not only will you have the key to managing your children's behavior but, as Bob Densley (see the quote above) said, it will help you to understand your own and everyone else's behaviors too.

So what is this incredible parenting secret? Simply this: "Why do Children Do What they Do?" Well, I will tell you: They do what they do because they want to!


Well, yes, there is a little bit more to it than that, and I get into it fully in my manual (starting on page 11) - it would take too long to explain it all here. But, this really is the key. Once you understand that, and how it applies in your every-day situations, you are well on your way to solving the problems. Why don't they teach this in school? Beats me.

Of course, there is still the question of how to apply that to behavior problems your children are displaying in your home. That is what the rest of the manual will teach you.

In just 2 hours - that's how long it takes to read the manual - you will learn:
  • The exact reasons why children do what they do - and what you as parents can do to change it - (p11).
  • The critical parenting error most parents make when trying to stop bad behaviors (p19). Get this wrong (and most people do) and the problem behaviors will get worse instead of better.
  • The exact steps you must take in order to get your children to stop their bad behaviors. Surprisingly, the answer comes from understanding about traffic police and "one-armed bandits" (p13). Seriously! You need to be more like the first and less like the second if you want any hope of success.
  • Manipulation, one of the most frustrating behavior problems - understand the secret ingredient to this, and it will help you deal with your kids, your partner, even your boss and in-laws! - (p35). You need never be manipulated again.
  • A powerful technique that will eliminate whining, temper tantrums, and other annoying behaviors (p58). Use this at home, at your friend's, even when out shopping. It works like magic.
  • How to deal with lying, stealing, and other more serious behavioral "crimes" (p73).
  • The two key elements to teaching responsibility (p88). Miss out either one of these and children will never learn it. This is the key to starting good behaviors.
  • How to analyse any specific behavioral problem and design a solution for it (p110).
  • How to get your children to go to bed - and stay in it! (p123).
  • Behavioral strategies for children with ADHD, Asperger's syndrome and other specific problems. (129). No, they won't make the problem go away - but they will make life much easier for all of you.
  • How to deal with kids who are bored - and it won't cost you a penny! (p128).
  • How to get out of punishment mode and back into family FUN.(p40).

Or could life be better for you, right now?

Every parent I know has times when they get frustrated with their children's behaviors. Almost all of them have, as a result, found themselves threatening, bribing, or shouting at their kids to get them to do as they are told. That is not much fun, is it? You don't like it, and nor do your children.

So what could you do to make things better?

You could go and see a professional - your doctor or a family guidance clinic perhaps. And you would (I hope!) get good parenting advice from them. But it is going to take you some weeks if not months to get an appointment. And then, if your health insurance doesn't cover it, you will also find yourself out of pocket by a considerable amount. Certainly if you came to see me privately it would cost you $230 per hour, for four hours - a total of $920 - to fully learn The GOOD CHILD system. And, considering how much the behavior problems would improve, it would be worth ever last penny.

But don't worry, there is an even easier way. Order The GOOD CHILD Guide today. It won't cost you $930. It won't even cost you $130. In fact you can get all the same expertise for as low as $37 - AND you get to keep it so that you can refer to it again and again. Finally you can put an end to your child's behavior problems.

And, because reading is faster than talking you can learn the system in just 2 hours. Take a look at your watch. Now consider that by you could know the secrets to eliminating your children's behavior problems. You would know exactly what to do, and could start putting it into practice immediately. Soon you and your family will start to enjoy some FUN and laughter again. No more fighting, tempers, deffiance, tantrums and other problems. Doesn't that make sense? Certainly it is a lot cheaper than all the sweets, burgers, videos, and other bribes that you buy, just to try make life easier.

But it won't happen unless you get the manual.

Click here now to go over to the order page so that you can get started straight away. Remember that with my 100% money-back guarantee there is no risk. Unless you have another plan for ending those problem behaviors, it would be foolish to not at least try this incredibly simple parenting system.

If you have kids, buy this book now!

At last, a really useful guide for us struggling parents of (not such) little angels! It took me just about 2 hours to read the book and I learned more about my child's behavior (and mine for that matter) and how to control it than I thought possible. It provides an easily understandable (and quite funny) explanation of why children do what they do and how best to deal with their bad behavior.

I didn't think anything would work with my little 7 y.o. girl but the very first time I tried my new found approach it really did work! I haven't looked back since.

So, if you have kids between about 5 to 12 years old, even if they behave very well, you must buy this book! Thank you Dr. Swanson!
Bob Densley, Kent, England

Whether you have the worst kids in town, or you just want the be the very best parent in town, The GOOD CHILD Guide will give you the tools you need to solve your children's discipline problems. But don't just take my word for it. Test it out. Try it. If you don't see a dramatic reduction in problem behaviors within a few weeks, then just write or email me and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Click the button below, right now, to start having more fun as a family...

When you do, you will be taken first to the order page and then, after that you will be asked to enter either your credit card or PayPal details. Once those are confirmed, your order will be shipped the next business day or, if you have chosen the PDF version, you will be able to download the manual instantly and you can immediately get started on making family life better, eliminating once and for all those annoying behaviors. Click here now for a more peaceful, happy, family:

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Maybe you are nervous or hesitant about trying something new. Maybe you are sceptical that anything can help your situation. I assure you that my system will work, even for you, whatever the age of your children (2 to 17), whatever their behaviors, and whatever country you live in. But to make it absolutely risk free for you to try it, today, I offer you my personal guarantee:

100% money-back no quibble guarantee
Dr. Noel Swanson

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Click to verify - Before you buy!I know The GOOD CHILD Guide works.  I have tested it and proven it with hundreds of families and across a whole range of different types of behavior problems.   But, for whatever reason, some people just don't seem to be able to put the principles into practice.  So, the only way you will know if it will work for you, is to try it for yourself.

For this reason I want to give you a full 3 months to read it, try it and use it.  Long before then you should be enjoying dramatic improvements in your children's behaviors and having more fun and less stress as a family.  If you are not, then simply write or email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price (less S&H) on the spot, with no further questions asked, and no commitments, obligations, expectations or hard feelings on my part...  You don't even have to send anything back!  The only thing I ask of you is that you act in good faith and give the The GOOD CHILD Guide a fair try. 

You see, you really do have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Order now - don't put it off another day - and start transforming the future for yourself and your loved ones. And then, please, let me know how you get on!

Yours warmly,

Dr. Noel Swanson, child psychiatrist

Noel Swanson, MD, MRCPsych.

P.S.  I realize that is a lot of words up there, so to sum it all up, here's what I have to offer you and your family.

Order the manual - don't just 'think about it' as you may never come back and the stress will only continue. Utilize the techniques contained within for 3 full months. And if at the end of those 3 months, you don't feel that you squeezed way more than your money's worth from the pages, simply let us know and we will refund your purchase price in full.

Good things can only happen when you take action. NOTHING happens when you don't. Do not navigate away from this page until you've taken that action. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Parenting does not have to be such hard work. Click here now.

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