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Tomas, now a full Category 2 Hurricane, battered St. Lucia and St. Vincent all through yesterday, leaving many homes without roofs. This will take them a long time to recover. Trinidad, Tobago received lashings of rain. Meanwhile, here on Life Part 2 in Port Egmont, we had a flat calm with grey skies all yesterday (Click to Read More...)
Current Location: Port Egmont, GrenadaCurrent Position: 12 0.79 N 061 43.46 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 3 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereWaiting for Tropical Storm Tomas in Port Egmont, Grenada So, after sitting out the hurricane season in Canada, here we are in a sheltered (Click to Read More...)
Wow….it has been a long time! So much has happened since I  introduced myself here and into this sailing Life. Any ways,  South America was amazing. Hard to say which part of it was my favourite but Iguazu Falls in Brasil  and the whole 45Km of Inca Trail and Machu Picchu are sure on the (Click to Read More...)
Current Location: St. David's, GrenadaCurrent Position: 12 1.25 N 061 40.75 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 5 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here10 am we weighed anchor to sail a few miles east to St. David’s harbour. Just to visit a different place. We knew it would be a beat (upwind) the whole way, as well as straight into the west flowing Equatorial Current. But we never expected it to take 5 hours to complete the journey! Each time we tacked we seemed to be retracing the exact path we had just sailed. Still, it was a lovely sail in a nice 20 knot breeze. St. Davids is very small – just 8 other boats moored here – but a good WiFi connection through Grenada Marine. We will chill out here for a few days before going back to Prickly Bay to get our new Wind Generator installed.
Current Location: Prickly Bay, GrenadaCurrent Position: 11 59.93 N 061 45.67 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: [Video:Baking Bread On Board] [Video:Giant Lobster] What’s life really like on board? Well, pretty much like at home, I guess… Today Ceu baked some multi-grain bread, and bought a giant 5lb lobster from a passing fisherman. The only problem was that it was way too big for our pot. So we had to do it in two parts – first the head, then the tail. But it tasted Oh! So GOOD with garlic butter and fresh bread. After that we had a couple from Victoria, BC visit, along with their 4 year old daughter, come over for drinks. They were about to depart for St. Georges and then ports north, while we were headed off to St. David’s harbour. And so to bed. Another day in paradise.
It’s a beautiful morning. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it is a flat calm in the bay outside of St. George’s, capital of Grenada. In the distance I can hear a cock crowing and a dog barking plus, of course, a few cars driving (oh, well, can’t have everything). I have (Click to Read More...)
Heading back to the boat on Thursday! Arrive Grenada Friday evening. Had a good two months in Canada. Caught up on a lot of business stuff. Having bought a new business the day before we left Canada back in May was interesting. Fortunately my partner Darren was able to put in a bunch of work (Click to Read More...)