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Archive for May, 2011

Current Location: Lajes, Flores, AzoresCurrent Position: 39 22.74 N 031 10.17 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 1673 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereOnce again the wind disappeared, so for the last 24 hours we motored the rest of the way, very slowly, so as to arrive (Click to Read More...)
The wind has now turned against us again. Variable from 8 to 18 kts but always right on the nose. Making very slow progress- did under 60 miles in the last 24 hours as we don’t do well sailing upwind. Calms forecast for the next couple of days, which means we can motor straight there and do a bit better speed. Maybe miles in a day. Then the wind should turn with us, but stay light. ETA in Flores is now Tuesday or Wednesday I think. Saw some dolphins again today. Still not caught a fish though! Getting in lots of chess, cards and movies. Weather is mostly sunny.
We have had a couple of days of high  speed close  reaching, breaking our previous record by making 185 miles in 24 hours. Then we had 5 hours of total calm and drizzle. Then the wind filled in again from the  south and today the sun came out again. Now we are doing a steady 5  knots. Meanwhile we broke and repaired our  mainsheet traveler block. Less than 400 miles to go now. Sun is  out, sea is fairly calm, all is well. Except the wind is  forecast to  drop to zero again in a couple of days. So who knows when we will get  there. Thursday, May 26, 2011, 04:00 GMT – 39 deg 10 min N, 040 deg 11 min W
On Wednesday night we were cruising along at a gentle three knots. The sea was calm and it was lovely sailing. But it wasn’t to last. First the wind died. The sea was glassy smooth, the sun bright and strong. It was perfect weather for sunbathing. Unfortunately it meant we weren’t getting anywhere. With no (Click to Read More...)
Here we are in our 3rd day of our crossing. So far we have done over 300 nautical miles. Latitude: 35 deg and 03 minutes N. Longitude: 59 deg and 34 minutes W. The weather has been great, the sun has been shinning and the full moon has brightened each and every night. Offri and (Click to Read More...)
We filled up with water, checked out of customs, hoisted sail and off we went. Once we got out of the harbour and settled down to a nice sail on a broad reach, I said, “What is that squeaking noise?” Well, it turns out that the squeaking noise was the top of the davit post (Click to Read More...)
I have just set up our blog so that I can post updates by email. I will try to do so every now and again while we are on the crossing!
Well, we finally got the trampolines made, and various other bits of repairs done, and we are set to leave today. The weather is not great: the first few days are with us (downwind), but very calm, then it turns against us, but still calm, so I don’t expect to have a very quick trip. So, next stop the Azores…
Current Location: St. Georges, BermudaCurrent Position: 32 22.83 N 064 40.33 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 796 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereWow, we made it! After picking up Doug and Cheri in Nassau last Wednesday we had a look at the weather forcast and realized (Click to Read More...)