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Current Location: CarriacouCurrent Position: 12 27.35 N 061 29.54 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 415 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereThis COVID thing makes planning very difficult. And since we need a new PCR test each time we move, we are thinking the best strategy for the coming winter is to do one long sail to the Bahamas, and then just stay there. No fixed plans yet, but we are thinking along those lines and may well depart on the 900 n. mile voyage in the near future.   When we do, this blog will be updated by satellite, complete with our current position. But first we will have to sail back south to Grenada to get our tests done, then we apply for the health visa to enter Bahamas, and THEN we depart. So it won’t happen tomorrow. Will keep you informed.