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Current Location: Portimao, PortugalCurrent Position: 37 8.2 N 008 31.7 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 0 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereAll the work is done. This afternoon the big crane will put us back into the water. Then, on Friday (all things permitting) we will (Click to Read More...)
Finally it is done. But what a job! The goal was to coat the bottom of Life Part 2 with CopperCoat. The reason? So we don’t have to keep finding boatyards to haulout the boat every couple of years. So what is it? CopperCoat is an epoxy resin that is loaded with pure copper powder. (Click to Read More...)
Current Location: Boat Yard at Monastir Port de Peche, TunisiaCurrent Position: 35 45.35 N 010 50.14 E Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 84 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereFor the past two weeks we have been stuck on the hard in Monastir getting some work done – (Click to Read More...)
Having had them on order, we finally picked up our new anchors in Syracuse. As you can see, the new Rocna 33 – which weighs, uh, 33kg – is quite a bit bigger than our hydrobubble. And, as you can also see, it has a concave shape rather than a convex shape to it. There (Click to Read More...)
What a difference from Spain and Portugal! We went into the store, bought a USB dongle and 3 months of internet at 10Gb per month from TIM for only 49 euros! We plugged in the stick and it installed itself (even offering English as a language). We pressed the ‘connect’ button and it connected instantly. No fuss. No bother. No activation phone calls. No 87 hours on customer support to Vodaphone. Just fast internet that works. Wow.
Current Location: Mar Menor, SpainCurrent Position: 37 44.25 N 000 44.78 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 2278 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereThis story, you will remember, started in Gibraltar in October, when we first installed the new upper diamonds. But we didn’t receive the other (Click to Read More...)
The rigging was supposed to arrive last Friday, but it is still sitting in customs. SO frustrating. But at least as places to sit and wait Cartagena is not too bad. While we were waiting last week we hired a car and drove across to Portugal for a week. Then last week we took a day trip to Mar Menor which is a large lagoon just around the corner. Lots of windsurfing and kite surfing but the towns were pretty unimpressive. Anyway, hopefuly soon we will be able to get on our way. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, we have now added a photo gallery to the blog, plus also a google map showing all the places we have visited. Hope you like them!
After a 5 month break, visiting Panama, Canada, and the UK, we are now back on board Life Part 2 in Cartagena, Spain. Everyone told us that is was the warmest sunniest winter for years but, of course, as soon as we get here it starts to rain. No matter, we still had a bunch (Click to Read More...)
Current Location: Cartagena, Murcia, SpainCurrent Position: 37 35.78 N 000 58.79 W Click to view map. Distance sailed since last post: 112 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track hereStainless steel rigging is subject to crevice corrosion. The problem with that is that you cannot see it until it actually breaks. Then it (Click to Read More...)
Life Part 2 was bought out of a charter fleet. That means it was pretty basic in its equipment – but its price reflected that. Now, chartering for a week or two is one thing, but living on a boat is very different. It is, after all, HOME! So like any self respecting home owner, (Click to Read More...)