The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Arrivederci beautiful Taormina

Beautiful Taormina is situated in the south coast of Sicily almost at the tip where you get the boot!

It is again, after Syracuse, one of the nice spots we visited before we’re headed through the Messina strait, which separates Sicily from mainland Italy in the Ionian sea.

Taormina is about 200 meters above sea level. It has an appearance of a terrace, beautiful landscapes and amazing views.

We were moored in the seafront town of Naxos, so we took a bus up to Taormina as recommended.

Taormina was born 358 BC and it was a typical Greek colony till the Romans arrived and did a lot of renovation works, but you can still see a lot of the beautiful architectural finds left by the Greeks.

The Greek theatre dates back to the 3th century and it was later transformed by the Romans into an amphitheatre where gladiator shows were held.

Every corner, every street, is worth a stop to admire and appreciate, the architecture, the culture and the beautiful art.

The nice shops, good food and the beautiful landscapes…

The nice piazzas,( which I missed while in Greece) surrounded by Palazzos, Churches, Fountains and the cute old men that just sit there chatting away and people watching!!!

2 km up the steep hill and a few hundred stairs later, we arrive in the cute little town and treated ourselves to a nice lunch. This time we even included dessert, the popular Sicilian conollo. It’s a pastry roll filled with ricotta cheese. It was really good, but a bit sweeter than I expected.

We hiked up to the Castle and Castelmola, the town you see up above.

Every drop of sweat is worth it! Plus, we must keep fit. The views from this place were just breathtaking. Mount Etna of course is their protagonist (like my $50 word?). You can see all around, and all the way up the Ionian coast, into the Messina strait and across to mainland where the boot is kicking….

Deep in Taormina bay is Isola Bella, a nature Reserve, and this little island is connected to mainland only by a thin tongue of sand right from the beach!  Very popular with fishermen in their colourful little boats and tourists.

Later in the afternoon we refreshed with their famous granite. It’s just like a slushy, or a sorbet served in a sweet bread bun or cut into pieces. They have many really good flavors…here we have a spoon of each, chocolate and almond. It’s really good , but a strange combination. I enjoy the granite on its own. It’s yummy.

The day ended way too soon, it was hard to leave it behind so fast! But time to go home and plan the next voyage! “Let’s see the weather forecast” the famous words around here!!

As I finish writing my post we are up the Messina strait. Tomorrow at this time, if the weather cooperates, we will be at the north end kicked away…hopefully gently into the Volcano island. Looking forward to visit Strombolli.


Yesterday after refusing to pay 100 Euros at the harbor…we anchored  in a beach around the corner. We had a nice peaceful night here. The water is so clear, warm and tempting, but had to skip our daily swim because we saw a few jelly fish around the boat!!!

Also…after a nice long walk into town we got Internet, and some more food…FRUIT and VEGGIES

Let’s see how it fits into the kayak!!!

The front of the kayak had to be balanced with Noel’s heavy backpack he’s carrying!

It’s all part of the adventure…but this is not what I signed up for!!!

Stay tuned for the next adventure.

In the meantime, check out some more photos on the gallery.




2 Responses to “Arrivederci beautiful Taormina”

  • Irena:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts! By the way, years ago ( I believe it was in 1993) I climbed, with two other companions to the top of Strombolli and spent the time up there in a shelter made of lava rocks. It was quite a thrilling experience. Small eruptions took place throughout the night and each time there was an eruption the ground below me would shudder and the fireworks would begin. It was spectacular!


  • Noel:

    Wow! Overnight on the volcano! That is pretty cool.

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