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Dodging Irma

For the past week we have been canoeing in the Bowron Lakes in mid BC. What an awesome week, even though we had all sorts of weather, including rain – but thankfully no mosquitos!

Meanwhile Life Part 2 was sitting safe and sound in St. Lucia. When we left for Bowron we knew that Irma was on her way to the islands, but the forecast was for her to pass well north of St. Lucia. And we had Simon to look after her, so we were not worried.

But, goodness, we never expected to see such scenes of total destruction through the northern islands. We were just looking at our photos of Barbuda and comparing them with the photos online of the devastation post Irma. Just incredible. It is going to be a long time before those islands recover. And to think we were there just a few months ago. Our hearts go out to the thousands of people whose lives have been destroyed.


3 Responses to “Dodging Irma”

  • Marlenr:

    Glad to hear you and boat are safe. I didn’t know where you are but figured you were long gone from Barbuda – thank goodness!!!!
    Don’t know if you have been following me on FB on our trip across Canada.
    We are now at Quebec City. Got here later yesterday from Montreal.
    I don’t get home until Oct. 18.
    I know Allison is in Edmonton – right?
    Where is Jessica these days?
    Where will you be over winter? Any skiing in the Okanagan?
    Nice to see this blog and look forward to hearing from you.
    Love and Hugs, Marlene

  • Alastair McMichael:

    Hi Noel and Ceu

    Glad to hear that you and Life Part 2 are safe and well. And terrible to see the destruction in the Caribbean – let’s hope they get the support they need from aid organisations and governments.

    We have just come back to Escapade and are in Cavtat – port of entry to Croatia – we sailed here yesterday from Montenegro. Heading north to Split and the islands before going south to Corfu to winter her there.

    We look forward to catching up before too long!

    Love to both

    Alastair & Jude

    • Noel:

      Welcome to Croatia! You are going to love it there – I just hope you have enough time available to do it justice – we spent 4 months there! But you can always go back again next year 🙂


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