The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Stromboli Fireworks!

Current Location: Stromboli, Aeolian Islands
Current Position: 38 48.43 N 015 14.27 E Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 45 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Hello all

Now that you have read Noel’s post about our experience with the water spouts let me tell you what we have been up to in the beautiful Aeolean Islands the past 2 weeks.


After the strait of Messsina, our first stop was at Volcano Island where we climbed to the crater and enjoyed some amazing views.

Noel and I soaking in the sulfur mud pools and jumped after into a hot spring bubbling sea.

After a beautiful evening at anchor, we woke up with the whistling sounds of the strong winds, which we were expecting, but not quite that strong!. We got up to see if everything was all right. As we were unlocking the door and step outside….big bang! The blades of our wind generator, all blew away! Crazy.

The wind generator before the storm

and after the storm

Lots of excitement, some people were re anchoring some were out trying to secure things, and some ended up in the beach. No fun. Next morning they were  towed away after a long struggle, I’m sure they had some damage. Our new Rocna anchor was sure doing it’s job, and we were happy we didn’t have to re anchor like some others. It was not raining very hard, but man…when you turned to wind, it really hurt your face!

In the morning after the storm we realized one of our paddles from the kayak had blown away from the boat. Noel set off to the beach to look ashore, since it was onshore wind, while I kept looking from the boat with the binoculars.

Success! Not only he got the paddle, from far away it looked like he was also carrying a suitcase, turned out it was a seat cushion, also a throw line, BUT…..he’s coming back with a Dinghy!

Now I am just laughing my head off and chatting with the neighbor, about us losing a dinghy, but finding a replacement. Well, we knew very well someone would be very happy to have it returned. One of the boats that was missing it, had just moved to the next protected bay, where everyone else was moving to. We arrived just as they were setting off with the Coast guard to look for it…and there I am yelling the boats’ name out and pointing to their dinghy. They were jumping, soo happy. Later they brought us a bottle of champagne. I only wish someone as nice had found our dinghy…

Leaving Volcano behind the morning after the storm. You can see the coastguard helping the storm-stricken yachts.


Lipari, is the biggest and most populated of the 7 Aeleon Islands. The Castle and pre historical settlements

Pumice mines in Lipari.

We stopped here to visit and have a swim in the beautiful turquoise waters. The town of Lipari was at one time very prosperous, not just with the mines, but way back in 5000BC it was exporting obsidian, the black glass erupted by the volcano here.

Catch of the day: pumice stones along the beach.

Ha Ha…made it down before you!


Going from Lipari to Island of Salina. Il Postino movie was filmed here in Salina along this coast. They also make really good malvazi wine here

Pope John and the Egyptian Mummy rock


storms’a coming! Time to turn around

I think it looks better on the other side

Few minutes later we got a rainbow. Good decision.

Moving on to the one of my favourite spots…island of Panarea

This charming village sure looks more like a Greek island than Italy, with all the classic white houses and brightly colours bougainvilleas. Panarea is expensive in terms of accommodation and other facilities. It said that is popular with the wealthy. Some hotels will not even take you in if you have children.

In the background is an ancient Bronze age village in Bay of Calajunca .It was discovered in 1948. Has all these huts, about 20 of them dating back centuries. Many more ruins not excavated yet. It was a beautiful walk there just above our anchorage.

Life part 2 in the bay bellow, beside us is our friend, on Burnout. We met him last year in Spain.

The evening before that we were sailing along, about to anchor by the Pumice mines, and I looked at this colourful flag, when Noel pointed out it was South African and it maybe Roger. Binoculars out. There he is waving away!! Nice surprise, small world! For the next couple of days we sailed and got together for drinks and games. It was fun

Don’t need to explain why I loved this village so much.

It is no wonder they call it the photographers dream.

Loved all the narrow streets, and the breathtaking views from everywhere

these are the only kind of vehicles you will see in the village. But what are the chances of getting these all together chatting away? The police, the taxi and the delivery man??

In the back you can see our next destination: the small island of Baziluzzo and after that is the Island of Stromboli.

Stromboli Fireworks!

After dashing through 3 times in attempt to do the evening hike up to the volcano, we finally made it!

Life Part2 arriving in Stromboli. There are 3 little villages with a total of 300 people.

The winds were pretty unpredictable, funneling around the island and we didn’t really want to leave the boat unattended. There are only a couple of anchorages around and not very protected, can only be done in very calm weather.

First time we set off in the afternoon to arrive just in the dark to see the fireworks.

Our arrival at dusk in the the Sciara del fuogo, flow of fire. Our first and only photo,  after that, the others didn’t turn out plus I was too busy watching and having my dinner and talking with my mouth full: look at his one..that one…wow!!!  Will take more photos when we hike up there!

It was a beautiful show. The volcano is erupting every few minutes and sometimes we could see the stream of lava coming down the hill rolling into the water with a big bang! Unfortunately we could not anchor near by, so about 9;30 pm we left back to anchor in Volcano island. Arriving at our anchorage at 1:30 am was not a problem as we were familiar with the nice big bay. We didn’t mind the night sail. We enjoyed Stromboli very much and the amazing sky covered with stars! We couldn’t wait to go back for more. By now we were really convinced we wanted to do the hike and experience it to the fullest!

We are now back to Stromboli for the hike. Not allowed to do it on your own. Must be with guide. Large groups form in the Piazza every afternoon for the highlight of their trip.

Stromboli village of S. Bartolomeo, cubic white houses perched on the black rocks and next is a big black sandy beach where it was finally nice and calm for us to anchor for the night.

photo taken in village of S.Vincenzo, just around the corner from S. Bartholomeu

Island of Strombolichio, just a little ways from our anchorage.

Well! I was really disappointed now. I had gone through a lot of trouble with making sure my stilettos were packed up for the rough ride of our kayak and into the black sandy beach. Only to see this sign now?

It  took us about 3 hours to get up to the top of the crater. We went with an organized group of about 25 people. You are not allowed to do the hike on your own. There were people of all ages and not a very fast pace, although quite steep up the hill sometimes.

W e stayed up there for about 45 minutes watching the eruptions. It was  magical. We were actually right above the craters. There were about 4 of them of which 2 were always going but smaller  and then the other 2 were erupting every few minutes with a big bang and lava everywhere.

We are now leaving Stromboli and Strombolichio behind us.

Headed to the Messina strait and along the coast to Marina Di Ragusa where Life Part2 will stay for the winter.

It was hard to say goodbye to Stromboli, Strombolichio, and all of the other Aeolian islands with all the beauty they have to offer. I sure could spend more time there, but one has to take this house to where it belongs this winter. Most of all I must go see my loved ones. Now, that takes my breath away!!!

See you all soon!!



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