The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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I have waited 41 years to get one of these…

Current Location: Vernon, BC, Canada
Current Position: 50 15.36 N 119 17.39 W Click to view map.

So now with the big 60 approaching,  it is with great excitement that I can reveal that it has finally arrived…

She has been christened Sally, after the red MG Midget that I owned when I had just graduated from University.  Since that time I have had a series of ‘practical cars’ – mostly ones that can either carry a windsurfer, or tow a boat, or go off-road for camping, kayaking or skiing, or carry building supplies.  Actually, even the original Sally had a custom built rack to carry a windsurfer!

But now we officially a ‘two car family’, and I am so excited.

Having unpacked her, Ceu and I drove her to the local dump. That elicited some comments, including ‘If you really don’t want it, I will take it off your hands’ from a guy in a big truck. 

No chance.

Actually, the reason for the trip to the dump was to get her weighed (840kg = 1820 lbs) so that we could get her registered. After that she was driven straight to our underground parkade in Vernon, where she is now waiting out the winter until next summer, when we will finally get to drive her.

Meanwhile we are now in Portugal, visiting Ceu’s family, and will be heading back to Trinidad on November 2nd to rejoin Life Part 2. But only for a month, as we will then return to Canada for the ski season.

So difficult to fit everything in (cue violins).

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