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Another Day in a Sailor’s World

Current Location: St. George's, Grenada
Current Position: 12 2.5 N 061 45.34 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 3 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

So we took off this morning from the boat all ready to take the bus and explore some more of this beautiful island. This time we wanted to hike up to these really nice Water Falls. Pack sack..lots of water, a little cash and 2 Jabsco parts to return or exchange at the hardware Store.

Well, Noel decided not to take his wallet, unusual but he didnt want to carry it around all day and I didnt want take my purse either.

I should have known better, its always a disaster when a woman leaves home without her purse. LOL.

We got to the store and we couldn’t return or exchange our parts, no wallet….no plastic. (Noel had used the Visa for the purchase).

We had just realized as well that we had totally overstayed our visit here in Grenada according to our immigration records our cruising permit had expired 2 months ago, although our immigration was valid until January. So lets go to the immigration office and be really nice!  Ohh it went smooth but no wallet no purse, and they wanted us to pay over 100$US for 2 months cruising permit.

Noel stayed in their office doing the paper work and I came home to get the wallet, I couldnt find it!!!

The first time ever he decided to kinda hide it, but forgot to tell me where to find it….haha, he didnt know I had some money hiding too, unfortunately I had to use it. When I got back to the dock he was waiting with a big smile on his face. Keep smiling honey, No Money! You owe me.

Of course after all that, our morning had gone by and we changed plans  to go to the Water Falls next day instead! We decided to go home and have lunch.

The winds had picked up and we had some big waves, plus a big boat had just gone by. I had just sat down in the dinghy and for some crazy reason sat on top of the locker on the bow . It threw me up and down so hard I almost broke my tail bone. I moved pretty quickly to the inflatable side.

We got home had lunch and Gone Fishing……….

Ahhhh, we need to learn how to fish. Last week we met some American liveabords. Their teenage son has taken up the sport and he’s really good at it, so we took him out fishing for the afternoon thinking he could teach us some new tricks, BUT not without another adventure….first of all we didn’t catch any fish and we had to cut our trip short….We were running out of gas in our dinghy. I guess our little motor had to work pretty hard over those big waves!

Another trip to town, this time to get gasoline. By this time we were just laughing, nothing had gone right all day…..what now? We made it to the gas station and back to the boat. Noel was jumping from the dinghy to the boat, I was pulling and ready to tie up the line and joking with him that I wouldnt let him go, he was laughing at it all and sure enough….he fell in the water Man Over Board but this time with his wallet full of money having a swim. What a day…

We were laughing, just wanted to sit down have a very good cold drink and read a good book. But here I am, decided to write down this crazy day, at least make my kids laugh,  while sitting in the cockpit having a Gin and Tonic and watching the sunset…ahhh and waiting for the money and credit cards to dry out, they’re spread all over the kitchen table.

Noel and I came to the conclusion, that you can only do 1 task per day. I am used to:  “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”, but this is the Caribbean: “tomorrow is another day”!!

Yess!!! Tomorrow is another day in paradise. We are planing to do the Water Falls and some snorkling. There is underwater sculpture park , you can snorkle or dive to see about 60 sculptures in the sandy bottom. Sounds like fun.

We had some fun visiting some sites around the island last week, including a cocoa processing plant where they pick the cocoa beans ferment them, dry them and then they are peeled and sent to the factory to make they very famous 60 and 70% Grenada Organic chocolate.

Turning over cocoa beans that are drying on a huge drawer on wheels

They also export the cocoa beans as well to many chocolate factories. The nutmeg factory was similar. Grenada is very famous for their spices, especially nutmeg. It was sad to find out that after Hurricane Ivan about 6 years ago that 98% of their nutmeg plantation was destroyed. It will take about 15 years to recover.

We saw nutmeg trees, cocoa bean trees, avocado, yams, different kinds of banana trees, papaya, guava and more I can’t remember now…lol

This beautiful trip took us to some nice water falls. It felt good and refreshing to jump into fresh water, and to add to the excitement it started to pour just when we got in the water.  Gotta love Caribbean showers!!!

Concord Falls

We ended our tour at River Antoine Rum Factory, the oldest operating Rum distillery  in the Caribbean. They make a 69% and a 75% alcohol . Wow it was so strong, it reminded me of my Dads moonshine back home!!!

As we are settling in to our new lifestyle we continue to meet people from everywhere. Mostly Canadians, Americans, some from Australia, Germany and lots from France as well. And to my surprise, lots of families too with kids of all ages, little ones to teenagers, and they are all having a great adventure. On Halloween night we even saw some kids going out on their dinghy passing by our boat to go trick or treating….cute!!!

Besides missing my grandson like crazy………I’m enjoying lifepart2

3 Responses to “Another Day in a Sailor’s World”

  • Heidi and Elmer:

    Wow! What a day! Great that you can keep smiling.

  • John and Lou:

    It is always nice to get a note from you guys. Keep us abreast with your adventures. We vwill try to meet with you guys maybe in Cuba. Keep in touch.

    Missing you.

    With love

    Aunt Lou and Uncle John

  • Allisen and Tiago:

    Hi Mama, You made me laugh with your story that’s for sure. Glad you guys are having so much fun 🙂 Tiago was smiling at your pictures. We love you! ~Honeydew

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