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Back On Board in St. Lucia

Current Location: Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Current Position: 14 4.34 N 060 57.48 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 3717 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Yes, we are back. After a very pleasant 6 months in Canada, including canoeing, hiking, an Alaska cruise with my Mum, and skiing, we are now ready for another season of Caribbean cruising.

Aye, it is a tough life. The sun is shining, the water is warm, the rum is cheap and the fishing is great.
Well, it will be when we get to it. At the moment we are still doing some cleaning and fixing of a few things, so we haven’t got out sailing just yet. But the sun IS shining, the swimming is great and the rum, well, you know about the rum already.

Watch this space: we will soon be catching some big ones. And this year I am DEFINITELY going to write my novel. In fact, I just wrote the first chapter today. So there! And now you can hold me accountable to getting the rest of the book finished.

Plans for this season? Pretty undecided at this point. We want to spend a month poking around Antigua, apart from that? Well, we shall see.

PS Ceu wants me to tell the world that she is slaving in the kitchen over a coq-au-vin while I am swinging in the hammock looking at the sunset and writing to you. Life is good.

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