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Just Arrived in Sal, Cape Verde Islands

Current Location: Palmeira, Sal, Cape Verdes Islands
Current Position: 16 45.3 N 022 58.8 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 420 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Had a fast trade-wind sail. Blue skies, not to much  in the way of waves, but lots of speed. Did the whole trip in 66 hours – 6.8 kt average, door to door (well, anchor to anchor).

We are now in Sal, and will be here for a week, as Ben arrives next Monday. Already got internet sorted out, so that is good. But I think we are anchored around a rock, so I guess I need to dive down and have a look at what is happening there.

The party this evening is on the neighbouring Dutch boat, who arrived about half an hour after us. Sounds good to me 🙂

3 Responses to “Just Arrived in Sal, Cape Verde Islands”

  • Lindsay:

    Sounds like great sailing. Enjoy the party!!!

  • Phil:

    Anchored around a rock? Is the boat moving or can’t get the anchor up. Hope you 2 are have a safe and great time.

    • Noel:

      Yes, the anchor is well wedged into a rock. It will take a little bit of fiddling to get ourselves un-hooked when we want to leave, but in the meantime it means we are not going anywhere while we wait out some strong winds for the next couple of days.

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