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Well, That Was Exciting!

Tomas, now a full Category 2 Hurricane, battered St. Lucia and St. Vincent all through yesterday, leaving many homes without roofs. This will take them a long time to recover.

Trinidad, Tobago received lashings of rain.

Meanwhile, here on Life Part 2 in Port Egmont, we had a flat calm with grey skies all yesterday and all last night.

Still, being a bit cooler without the sun meant I was able to complete the huge wiring project that was on my list. Installed the wind generator wiring, plus added a new 110v outlet to the cockpit, so that I don’t need a long extension cord for my laptop when out there. Also fixed the lights over the targa arch in preparation for putting in a new light there, just for a bit more light at nights when we eat there.

Ceu meanwhile did a whole bunch more cleaning. You wouldn’t believe how clean this boat is getting – practically like new! All the rust and mildew stains gone, windows de-streaked and so on.

And, of course, she cooked the 3lb lobster that another fisherman sold us on Friday, just before we departed from Prickly Bay.

Today we have some fresh winds coming from the south. This will make all the south-facing bays pretty rough today. We are also expecting some rain. In fact we just had about half an hour of rain, though nothing too heavy. But we are supposed to get some more rain from the tail of Tomas through the day.

We had thought of moving over to St. David’s harbor again to get better wifi, but with the southerly winds I think we will just stay here for today.

So, another grey and maybe wet day, so time to get some computing done and some fresh bread baked.

Oh, for these exciting storms!

6 Responses to “Well, That Was Exciting!”

  • John and Lou:

    Hi Guys. Thanks for updating us. We will keep following you.

    Have a great week.

    Love Uncle John and Aunt Lou

  • Heidi and Elmer:

    You are certainly having an interesting time. We are quite impressed by all the DIY both of you are able to do. We hope to see your boat, all spruced up. Have you sailed in a storm yet? We got an exemption from Yellow Fever injections, as it is dangerous at our age, and we are unlikely to be exposed to the Yellow fever carrying mosquitoes.
    We are getting our living room and hall painted. Hope you will also get to see our place.
    Can you receive ordinary E-mails, as we would like to forward our book on our family history to you.?
    Love, Mum and Dad

  • Wow, you look like you are having a ton of fun:-) I always look and really enjoy your updates. Wish I could be there. Don’t you need a deckhand?
    Good Winds and Happy Fun Sailing, mates

  • Hossein:

    Hello guys,
    It is obvious that you are experiencing great time on the ocean.

    That WAS a gigantic lobster for sure, and breads looked so nice I could smell it from here (-:

    Noel, I am curious to know how well that wind generator works. If you like to publish its performance, leave a comment in my blog site at: solar-panelreview dot com.

    May be in summer time we can try windsurfing in Kelowna again.

    Keep sailing. Cheers,

    • Noel:

      I was just thinking about you Julie!

      The other day in the marina I saw a boat named ‘Imagine’.

      Then, around the corner, I saw a boat named ‘Julia Maria’.

      I didn’t have my camera, and when next I returned they had left. So funny.


    • Noel:

      Hi Hossein,

      So far so good with the wind generator. It does need a bit of wind (more than 10knots) to get any decent current out of it, but it is certainly helping in the energy stakes. The big challenge is keeping up with the refrigerator which sucks out 7 amps day and night. At present the solar panels plus wind generator provide about half our power. Maybe when we get some windier days we will do better.


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