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Our New Rocna 33 Anchors!

Having had them on order, we finally picked up our new anchors in Syracuse.

As you can see, the new Rocna 33 – which weighs, uh, 33kg – is quite a bit bigger than our hydrobubble. And, as you can also see, it has a concave shape rather than a convex shape to it.

There are several new generation anchors that all look and function pretty well the same – the Rocna is one, the Manson Supreme and Buegel are two others. All of them are classed as Super Holding Power which means they dig in and hold much better than the older generation anchors.

So, with our new anchor installed, and our new strong chain, we feel a lot more confident now 🙂

You can see how much bigger the Rocna is compared to the hydrobubble


rocna 33 anchor on Leopard 42 catamaran

The Rocna 33 anchor fits perfectly in our Leopard 42 catamaran

Noel sorting out the anchors and rodes. Seen here, from left to right, are the new Rocna 33, Hydrobubble, and 15kg Bruce

3 Responses to “Our New Rocna 33 Anchors!”

  • Heidi Swanson:

    A bit technical, but hope it works well.

  • Wolf K:

    Good morning Noel and Ceu,
    We still use a Danforth and it was holding well here on the lake in up to 35 knots
    3 days ago. I was also thinking of a better anchor and did some research and felt the Rocna, the Manson Supreme and the Buegel are the better anchors.
    Just in case you did not see this fantastic info I found, also some is with excellent info in German. Check it out at
    Happy sailing

    • Noel:

      Yep, haven’t found anyone yet who is unhappy with their Rocna/ Manson / Buegel. They do seem to be significantly better. Of course, it depends in what conditions you are anchoring. An old-style, or undersized anchore will probably do fine if you are anchoring in sand or mud – or hydrobubble has been fine most of the time. It is in the marginal holding conditions – or extreme winds and waves – that these new generation anchors come into their own.

      Good to hear you are getting some wind on the lake! Usually it is a flat calm 🙁

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