The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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Beautiful Bequia

Current Location: St. Margaret Bay, Bequia, Grenadines
Current Position: 13 0.17 N 061 14.48 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 68 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

After seeing my parents off on their cruise ship again, we did an overnight sail from St. George’s Grenada, to Bequia, one of the St. Vincent Grenadines.

Ugh, the sail was long and slow and bouncy. And we had forgotten to take our sea-sick pills before we took off, so didn’t feel great either.

Leaving at 9pm we motored through flat calm up the western shore of Grenada. After about an hour the wind filled in from the north east, putting us close hauled on starboard tack. We held this tack for 8 hours, tacking onto port at 6am.

Catamaran’s don’t do well to windward. Especially with the equatorial current always pushing us to the west. But eventually, after a couple more tacks we sailed into Admiralty Bay, Bequia.

Such a beautiful little island! We dropped anchor on the left (north) side of the bay and rushed ashore to clear immigration and customs before they closed.

Back at the boat we had a swim in the lovely clear water and then headed below for a bit more shut-eye.

There was no internet connection here, so the next morning we moved across the bay to Princess Margaret Beach where we got a good connection and I could get a bit of work done.

Bequia is simply lovely. The water is clear and blue. The bay does have quite a few yachts in it, but does not give the impression of being too busy. Mainly, I guess, because the little town is quiet, very friendly and has everything you need without being garish or over=touristy. In fact, probably the vast majority of the tourists there we from the yachts in the bay, which doesn’t actually add up to very many.

Except when the cruise ship comes in. Bequia being so small, the cruise ship has to anchor way out in the middle of the bay and then ferry its passengers ashore with a relay of little bus-boats. Then, for a day, the town is over-run with people. But by late afternoon they are all back on their ship, and the town is quiet again.

We took a hike over the hill to Friendship Bay on the other side. A beautiful big sandy bay with no-one on it. And not even any boats in the bay, even though it is a quiet mooring.

We liked Bequia. It is peaceful, beautiful and friendly, yet you can get everything you need – including live lobster delivered to your boat by the fishermen.

Next stop is St. Vincent to climb the Volcano.

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