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10 Knots! Woo Hoo!

Current Location: Buccament Bay, St. Vincent
Current Position: 13 11.45 N 061 16.1 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 46 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Leaving from Mustique we had to motor sail until we cleared Bequia. Reason is that there is a lot of westward current, and with the trade winds at almost NE we just couldn’t lay it.

But, once past, we freed off, unrolled the genoa, eased off the mainsail with its one reef in, and let her rip!

With 24kts of wind we were doing a steady 9 kts and, at times, hit as high as 10.4!

The seas were kind too. Rolling swell, but not the same vicious chop we had when we beat from Tobago Cays to Mustique, so we didn’t have all the slamming. Nor did we get as wet from spray.

Sailing a close fetch rather than close hauled took us down the coast a bit, so we stopped at  Petit Byahaut Bay were we had some great snorkeling in very clear waters. Lots of colorful fish, trumpet fish, angel fish, trunkfish and one octopus resting in a shallow crack. And then we saw what looked like a snake wriggling along on the seabed. Turned out to be a sharptail eel.

Plus sponges and corals of all shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately the holding wasn’t good. So we upped anchor and motored around the corner to Buccament Bay, where we found a free wifi connection through the beach resort.

Hoping that we will hear steel drums this evening too.

And now we have a beautiful bright orange sunset.

Sunset from Buccament Bay, St. Vincent

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