The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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We Made It!

Current Location: Sines, Portugal
Current Position: 37 56.41 N 008 51.37 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 214 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

At 3:40pm today, Tuesday, we arrived at Port Sines on the west coast of

770 miles, for most of which, it seems, we had to motor. But, as foreacast
we finished with a blast! On the final 130 miles we had 20 kts of wind on
the beam giving us speeds of 8 and 9 knots. Plus of course dozens of ships
that we had to weave between in the middle of the night. Ceu did a great
job on that. Certainly nice having both the AIS and Radar to warn us of

And then we arrived in full daylight, which is always a big bonus.

Sines marina seems a lovely little place. The town is just 6,000
population. The marina holds 230 boats, most of whom are small fishing
boats, yet the marina offers 24 hour reception and very helpful staff who
all speak English. Unfortunately there is no wifi, so we will go to the
town library to post this and check on our emails.

Today is boat clean up time – everything is out drying and airing. All the
salt has been hosed off the decks, the laundry is being done, the sun is
out, and the beer is getting drunk. Now it is time to put on the barbeque.

Next on the agenda is to work out our travel plans, book flights to
England, and a bus to Casegas to meet with Ceu’s family. We will leave the
boat here in the marina for a month, and then figure out where we are
going after that!

It is hard to imagine that we have crossed over 3,000 miles over the past
7 weeks.

4 Responses to “We Made It!”

  • Irena:

    Congratulations!What a fabulous adventure. You are an inspiration to dreamers like me.

  • Heidi:

    Congratulations! you have made it across the Atlantic.
    We look forward to hearing you travel plans and your visit to England.

  • Yolajw:

    Awesome… this is my first time reading your blog, that is great, I`d love to sail like that some day, not have to worry about much, other than the weather :-). I would say enjoy , but I guess that is already the case.So, take care out there.

  • Nice job! Hope to see you in the med later in the summer. We are currently in Greece…

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