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Return to Grenada

Current Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada
Current Position: 11 59.92 N 061 45.7 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 77 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

Where to start? So much has happened since my last posting! That was in St Vincent where I also took my scuba diving course, I was a bit nervous about Diving, but I was so excited when I actually did it. Wrote the test on my Birthday.

After that, we made another stop at Tobago Cays and snorkel with the turtles again, this time there were even more! We were on the way to Grenada where we had a great one day visit from Noel’s parents who where passing through on a cruise ship. In just one short day we took them on an Island tour, visited the Nutmeg and Cocoa processing places, had lunch on board, and went for a sail! And still we got them back to their ship on time.

I am not sure what Noel wrote on his post ( not connected to internet at the moment) I might just be writing things he already wrote about. Ahhhh …..sssshhhhh, I bet he didn’t tell you he let the fresh live big bicho Lobster jump out of the pot when he was trying to cook it? Yes, he put it in and it jumped out into the galley, up and down on the floor. This time we were not filming! OMG soo funny, I was laughing so much but yet I felt bad about his slow death.

Spent a few days in Bequia, again. We really liked there, small town and very easy to do all your shopping including nice fresh vegetables. Noel and I have acquired the taste for some of their local vegetables, some of our favorites include: Calalloo, green leaves similar to spinach. Also Christophene, pear shaped, I use it as a side dish, on soups and stews. And of course their pumpkin is so tasty. Besides a good pumpkin soup I add on to other dishes a lot. Also their banana-like Plantain is very good pan fried. Just today I decided to boil their local sorrel flowers, and put in sugar. It makes a great juice, taste just like raspberries. Noel thinks we should have a galley cooking show going! It ain’t going to happen. I’m not very good at this camera thing, and we have NO time. Yes just a reminder, we are not in Holidays. It’s a life style!

One Response to “Return to Grenada”

  • Heidi and Elmer:

    Yes, We did a lot in Grenada, and it was all great. We were still a bit dazed from jetlag. Wish I had gone swimming Your life style is wonderful and your boat so comfortable and roomy. We did not hear about the lobster jumping out of the pot. We had one of these large colurful lobsters served on the ship. Most Brits were a bit leery, but we loved it.

    We think you did a great job in mooring with the wind pushing you offshore. We had the best weather on the whole cruise with you in Grenada. Thank you again for arranging to meet us. Ceu, your cooking is great, both on the boat and in Canada. You are taking good care of our son and making him very happy. Thank you.

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