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Martinique for Christmas!

We had a lovely sail across from St. Lucia yesterday.

The sun was shining, the wind was close hauled about 15kts, and the seas were quiet.

After about 4 hours we arrived at Marin Bay, and we short tacked up the narrow channel between various shoals. Why? Why not? We had the time, there was no rush, and it was fun to sail it rather than to motor.

Of course once we did reach the end of the bay, crowded with anchored yachts, we did switch on the engines while we hunted for a good mooring spot. We eventually snuggled between a few other boats fairly near the shore (hoping for internet connection – no such luck 🙁 ).

We eventually dropped anchor at 3:15pm and went ashore in the dinghy to find customs. They were closed. So we wandered around town a bit and then came back again in the evening to try to get an internet connection in the bar. Unfortunately they have French style sockets which wouldn’t accept our American style plugs, so no power and no computing.

Oh well. This morning we will go ashore, check in at customs, upload this blog post, and do some shopping at the supermarket to get ready for Christmas – wine, cheese (when in France do as the French), and various other necessities. Ceu just told me we are going to buy some cognac too.

Roast lamb for tonight, I think, and then a Christmas ham for tomorrow. We will probably move out of the bay here, around the corner to St. Anne which is quieter and has nice clear water and a sandy beach.

It is different having a Christmas with no snow – and certainly it has been a lot less commercial and frantic than back in Canada. It is also a shame that our kids can’t be here with us.

So, wherever you might be, have yourself a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We love you all!

Update: Customs is closed! So we are now illegal immigrants! Supposed to be open every morning, including holidays, so I guess the guy was sick or something. Well, will try again tomorrow morning I guess!

3 Responses to “Martinique for Christmas!”

  • Heidi and Elmer:

    We would have loved to have been with you for Christmas! We had a goose dinner with Mitzi and family, with lots of presents under the tree.No snow where we are, although still plenty further north.

  • Noel,

    I was watching the perfect storm on Sky a couple of days ago and for a second or two, you and your beautiful shipmate crossed my mind and I wondered if you were on calm seas… pleased to read all is well, warm and sunny where you are 😉

    Have a great 2011 and keep the updates coming on your travels!


    • Noel:


      Fortunately no storms here – but lots and lots of rain over Christmas and New Year. I almost started to think I must be in Ireland or something!

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