The Catamaran Adventures of Noel and Ceu
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The world famous Pitons

Current Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
Current Position: 14 4.82 N 060 57.49 W Click to view map.
Distance sailed since last post: 56 nautical miles. View the map of our voyage track here

We spent the last week in St Lucia. It was a long slow passage from St Vincent, as we had no wind. But just made our grand entrance more dramatic. I was on watch, and Noel got to wake up at sun rise and just when we were right in front of the world famous Pitons. It was so beautiful.

Our first stop was Marigot Bay, stayed a couple of days. First thing in the morning, a catamaran passed by with the Portuguese flag….I showed off my flag too. They stopped to say hello. They were from Lisboa and had just arrived with the Atlantic rally, ARC.

Next morning we set off for Rodney Bay, stopping along the way at the capital city of Castries. It was Sunday, not much is open. We walked around town along with all the other tourists from the 2 cruise ships that arrived the same time as us. As you can imagine it was pretty busy. I always wonder how these little Islands cope with thousands of people arriving all at once. Taxis are the most busy, as the local vendors always say they don’t buy much.

Then on to Rodney Bay.

This was the final destination for the ARC. We took a long walk through the docks and it was nice to see all the boats coming in from all over the world, mostly from England, Norway and Germany. In that order. Saw another Portuguese boat from Lisboa, spirit of Lusitania. This year there was a total of 250 boats in the ARC. They started in Las Palmas. The average time for most cruisers was about 20 days. This year took longer, because of the calm weather. Some people used the motor a lot, in order to get here before Christmas.

We rented a car and toured the island. Visited some interesting places. It was sad to see a lot of damage from the Hurricane.

We took our dinghy around the Bay to Soufriere and took a ride between the Pitons. From there we rented a taxi that took us to the Volcano and Sulphur Springs. On the way down we stopped at Diamond Falls and Mineral Baths and the Botanical Gardens. Very beautiful and well maintained. They were built in 1785. You can bathe in the warm sulphuric river. The baths were intended to restore the health of the soldiers. The sign said Napoleon’s wife bathed there too.

My favorite evening in St Lucia was the Fish Fest night in the little village of Anse La Raye. Fish Friday, they call it. It happens every Friday, but this time it was special. It was the first time it happened since they had the Hurricane Tomas back in October, which damaged a lot of their crops and properties. They had lots of performers, a Steel band and were also celebrating the opening of a new Park. Besides the good music, they also had their school kids choir singing all Christmas songs. The kids are so beautiful, and when they started singing, and saw all their proud parents watching, wow it sure took me back! I even had a tear…sshhhh.

We got to taste all kinds of fish we never tried before. ( I know that the people that know me, are laughing right now because they know how much I like food…lol) The vendors bring the tables and chairs out to the street and cook the proud fishermen’s catch. We ate Black fish, Marlin, Box fish (yes the pretty one I see when I’m snorkeling, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it in the buffet stuffed and baked) even tried turtle, it was cooked like a stew, kinda tasted like chicken. It was sure a great experience to be out with the locals, and see how they enjoy the simple life. Forget about the Malls and the stress at Christmas time!

Ahh remember I said we like Calalloo? Well it grows everywhere around the islands. As we’re driving I spotted some nice plants right by our car. I told Noel to stop so I could pick some leaves. After I picked a bunch, a guy came running and said it was 5 dollars. I said I just wanted to try these beautiful leaves the locals brag about. He said it was his garden. I told him at this price you should pick some more for me. He did. I paid for it, and apologize for stepping out of my car. After that he even told me how to prepare it. As we drive off I noticed down the hill some metal cover roof, it was probably what he calls home.And it was probably his lonely garden there on the side of the road. I was happy he made 5 dollars. Noel was sitting in the car…smiling!!!!! I was smiling too, for not being arrested for trespassing!! lol

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