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Sailing 2019 – Snorkeling and Deserted Beaches

This year we did a mad dash all the way up from Trinidad to BVI, and now we are heading back down to Trinidad.

 That’s about 450 nautical miles each way. We covered a lot of islands, a lot of beaches, and saw a lot of fish. We even caught a few! And we have done some crazy hikes (that will be another blog post). Here are some of the highlights: 




Tarpon fish – very ugly, not good to eat, but apparently put up a good fight when you catch them


In BVI the fans were a beautiful purple – we haven’t seen that in a long time.


Getting ready to snorkel in Jacques Cousteau Park in Gaudeloupe


The Caves in BVI, Peter Island. This is where the tarpon hang out.

Four of the aforementioned tarpon


Tough trying to make a phone call when your phone is waterlogged. And with a broken arm. It was fine last year. Grenada.

Trunk fish are so funky looking

Ah, Man Friday!

Not much left of RMS Rhone – BVI



It took us 5 minutes to get a photo of this drum fish – it kept hiding under the rock




One Response to “Sailing 2019 – Snorkeling and Deserted Beaches”

  • Chris Green:

    Hi Noel and Ceu!

    Love the underwater pics! We snorkel in rivers in Alberta sometimes now. And found a secret spot on Okanagan Lake that had hundreds of 7″ Kokanee Salmon babies to swim with.
    (We put power bait onto fishing weights tied to pool noodles sometimes to lure fish and play with them while snorkeling!!!) ((Secret trick-awesome for kids!))

    Plus I took the kids across the country by train (The Canadian) and spent August playing around Sandbanks, Bon Echo, Toronto, Kingston, and Ottawa.

    Plus we fly small parafoil kites now… training for the future!

    Life is Good!

    Love your blog!

    Maybe we’ll catch up somewhere soon!

    Kids are travel-ready!

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