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Portugal, England, and Ben’s Graduation

It has been a hectic month – so apologies for lack of updates! In fact, internet access has been even harder than it normally is on the boat!

Anyway, we had a great two weeks with Ceu’s mother in the small village of Casegas. Her mom had just had leg surgery for a broken leg, so was laid up in bed with a huge leg wound. But over the two weeks it rapidly improved.

We then flew over to England (remind me never to fly again!) for Ben’s graduation.

First we had a week in the New Forest, in a static motor home, for a week with my parents. The wind was cold, but we had some lovely walks in the New Forest with all the wild ponies and cows.


Noel and Josh at Stonehenge, England

We also went to the Beaulieu National Car Museum and saw some fantastic antique cars.

Beaulieu National Car Museum

Then we saw Ben do his 15 second walk across the stage at Portsmouth University to collect his B.A. (Hons) – with an upper second class! Well done Ben!

Ben's Graduation

Ben's Graduation

Another few hectic days with sister and parents and then it was off to Portugal again.

This time we had a morning in Lisbon, and were able to take in some of the classic tourist sites, including the coach museum – full of elaborate horse drawn coaches of the 18th century.

Lisbon Coach Museum

Last weekend we went to the medieval town of Obidos where there was a medieval market reenactment, complete with jousting, food, music, and of course costumes. I never realized how much bagpipe music there was in those days. Interestingly, the bagpipes, presumably Portuguese, all had only one or two drones, unlike the three drones on a Scottish instrument.

Medieval market, Obidos, Portugal

Medieval market, Obidos, Portugal

Allisen and Tiago arrived from Canada today, so the chaos here has increased even more. And of course there is still heaps of food each day.

Next week we will sail down to the Algarve, and probably some of the relatives will follow us down there.

Will try to keep up to date a bit more!

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